The Rhinoplasty Procedure

A rhinoplasty, or nose job, as it’s most commonly known, is starting to increase in popularity with celebrities and bloggers admitting to having had the procedure. The nose is a feature that sits squarely in the centre of the face and if you are not happy with its appearance, it is the first thing you… Continue reading The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Recovery after Rhinoplasty

As with any surgical procedure, your recovery after a Rhinoplasty treatment should something you consider a long time before you decide to go ahead. Downtime isn’t as bad as some patients might think, but nose surgery is still a serious operation and should always be treated as such. The first thing to remember is that… Continue reading Recovery after Rhinoplasty

How can I stop snoring?

We explore your options for preventing snoring and explain what treatments can help rid of the frustrating condition for good.  Snoring affects a lot of us – perhaps a lot more than we’d like to admit. In a recent survey 64% of respondents admitted they were prone to making unenviable nasal sounds in their sleep, while… Continue reading How can I stop snoring?