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Financing Your Surgery

At The Private Clinic, we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to planning your surgical treatment with us. We are transparent about our prices. Visit the procedure pages on our website to see the cosmetic surgery, varicose vein, hair transplant or liposuction costs.

Paying for Cosmetic Surgery

There are a variety of options available for patients who are looking to go ahead with cosmetic surgery.

Self-Funded / Self-Pay

Many patients have been thinking about their procedure for a long time and are in a position to self-fund or self-pay their surgical fees. This means that they will pay in full at the time that the fees are requested. Saving up for cosmetic surgery can take some time and a lot of dedication, but if you are able to do this, we highly recommend this way as the best method of paying for your cosmetic surgery procedure.

Family or Friends

Some patients are fortunate enough to have a family member or friend who is willing to loan them the money allowing them to pay upfront for their cosmetic surgery. We advise patients that if this is the case then this agreement should be finalised with a contract and repayment plan (if required). This should be signed by the patient and the friend or family member. The contract should include terms and conditions to help both parties avoid any confusion that could damage the relationship in the future.

Loan / Credit Card

It is also common for patients to choose to put the cost of cosmetic surgery on a credit card or take out a loan. This then means they will be required to make monthly payments to their credit card or bank to pay back the balance. Payment via loan or credit card does have its advantages, but we do advise patients to take care when choosing this option as interest rates can be high. There also may be a risk of their credit ratings being affected if they are not able to make payments on time.


Finance is a popular choice for many going ahead with cosmetic surgery. It allows patients to have their procedure and the finance company will manage the payment for their surgery. Paying via a finance agreement does mean that patients will have to agree to a payment plan which can come with a variety of terms and interest rates. It is important that patients ensure that they won’t have any difficulties making the repayments and try to determine how much they can afford to pay each month before taking out any type of finance agreement or loan.

Do you offer Finance at The Private Clinic?

The Private Clinic have collaborated with Chrysalis Finance to offer 0% finance for our patients.*

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*Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

At The Private Clinic, we accept many forms of payment for all cosmetic surgery procedures. For further information on paying for your procedure, we recommend speaking to your patient advisor or clinic manager who will be able to confirm if your form of payment is accepted at our clinics. Unfortunately, private health insurance very rarely covers the costs of cosmetic procedures.

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