Cosmetic Treatments and Procedures

For over 35 years, our mission has been to offer you the safest, most effective cosmetic treatments and procedures.

We have 12 treatment categories, each consisting of a range of treatments for various problems or medical conditions. We offer the widest range of Cosmetic treatments and procedures for both women and men.

Body Contouring and Lipo Centre

Due to the extensive experience and expertise of our doctors and surgeons, we are at the forefront of VASER Lipo, Body Sculpting and Coosculpting procedures. We perform 1000s of body contouring and sculpting procedures every year, see our Trust Pilot ratings for the many satisfied patients.

Our Promise

We only offer treatments and procedures we know we can promise and deliver patients the best possible care from our world-renowned, experienced medical team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, technical assistants and therapists.

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