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Top-to-toe aesthetic treatments: the whole body procedures you need to know
The Private Clinic was fortunate to be featured in Hello Magazine’s Online Aesthetic Guide for CoolSculpting treatment. CoolSculpting is…
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Ask the expert: Bunions
Ask the expert: Bunions Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Andrea Bianchi specialises in foot conditions at The Private Clinic. He was…
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Is Argan Oil good for your hair?
What is Argan Oil? Argan oil is a plant oil which is extracted from the kernels of the argan…
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What you need to know about varicose veins
Varicose veins: need to know Tahir Hussain is a leading vascular surgeon with 25 years’ experience. He consults at…
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Can ill-fitting shoes cause bunions?
The Independent recently ran a feature that focused on ’12 best orthopaedic and supportive shoes that don’t compromise on…
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Is Rosemary Oil good for hair growth?
Rosemary oil has become a viral sensation recently online with many claiming it is the answer to hair growth….
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How to wear high heels without pain
If suffering from a bunion, wearing high-heeled shoes can be an uncomfortable experience. Mr Andrea Bianchi comments on the…
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How can I get rid of my unsightly varicose veins?
Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Mr Tahir Hussain answered a common question regarding varicose veins for an article in The Daily…
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The Hair Loss Remedies That Are Actually Dangerous And Ineffective, Experts Say
There are many hair loss remedies available that promise great results but many are ineffective and some can actually…
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The ultimate guide to owning bare leg season
From A-list approved body contouring treatments to bespoke bronzing, Annabelle Spranklen has all the tips you need for pins…
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Does the Rosemary Oil trend actually work as a hair loss treatment?
Social media has been awash with claims that rosemary oil is the secret hair growth treatment. Rosemary oil has…
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How non-surgical treatments could cure the worst symptoms of the menopause
There are around 13 million women in the UK currently going through menopause. This can cause a range of…
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Breaking the taboos around hair loss and restoration
Ask the experts – Breaking the taboos around hair loss and restoration It’s no secret that hair loss is…
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How To Fix Thinning Hair
The Private Clinic joins a team of top hair experts to comment on how to fix thinning hair for…
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Does Topical Finasteride Work for Hair Loss
There are 2 types of medically-proven hair loss medication products available, Finasteride and Minoxidil.  Minoxidil is in a class of medications…
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Treatments claiming to tighten, tone and refresh our genitalia are on the rise
Elle Magazine features Mr William Van Niekerk who forms part of our Labiaplasty surgeon team at The Private Clinic…
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Goodbye push-up bra
A breast enlargement is an ideal choice for patients that wish to increase the size of their breasts. A…
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how you can maintain a healthy mane and beard
Hair transplant surgeon reveals how you can maintain a healthy mane and beard
Prince Harry has sparked much conversation about beards and male hair loss in the past week after mentioning both in…
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Worried about going bald? Experts reveal everything you need to know
Worried about going bald? Experts reveal everything you need to know – from the hormone that causes hair loss…
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New cure for baldness
Scientists may have found ‘cure for baldness’ after ‘caveman gene’ discovery
Hair loss can be an inevitable part of life for a lot of men, but it may well become…
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An expert reveals how to deal with postpartum hair loss after Ashley Graham shares her experience
‘New mum hair’ is probably waaay down on the list of things you’re thinking about once you’ve got your…
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Rosie Green reveals the top-to-toe treatments and tweakments that gave her the confidence
Rosie Green reveals the top-to-toe treatments and tweakments that gave her the confidence to get her kit off for…
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Are your bad habits making your hair thin?
Are YOUR bad habits making your hair thin? Expert reveals why ditching the dry shampoo, sleeping on a silk…
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Three quarters of balding men fear hair loss is slimming their chances in love
Three quarters of balding men believe their hair loss is holding them back from finding true love, according to…
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