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Breast Surgery

We have a team of the best consultant plastic surgeons who are all very experienced in breast surgery. They have an excellent reputation being able to offer the latest surgical techniques to ensure that patients get the best results from surgery with limited disruption to their everyday life.

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 All patients will start their breast surgical journey with a consultation with their chosen breast surgeon who will listen to your concerns with sensitivity and discretion. Your suitability for surgery will be assessed during this consultation and it is your chance to find out more information about the procedure as well as further information on your chosen surgeon and what you can expect to achieve from breast surgery.

We also offer patients Crisalix 3D sizing appointments with selected surgeons. This is a great way for patients to see how different implants or surgical techniques will look on their own body through a 3D simulation.

Following your consultation, you will be assigned to a dedicated patient coordinator who is your point of contact for the entirety of your breast surgery journey at The Private Clinic. Should you have any questions or concerns at any point during your surgical journey they will be available to assist you in your pre and post operative care.

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Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation is when breast implants are used to enlarge the size of the breast. There are a wide variety of implant shapes, sizes, profiles and positioning techniques to allow patients to achieve their desired appearance.

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Breast Uplift

Sagging breasts or breast ptosis is often caused by weight loss or pregnancy. A breast uplift is designed to restore fuller-looking breasts and correcting their positioning on the body for a more uplifted appearance without the need for breast implants.

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Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause a number of issues such as pain and postural problems. A breast reduction procedure (also known as mammoplasty) is aimed at reducing the overall size, weight and volume of your breasts.

inverted nipples correction nipple reduction surgery enlarged inverted mobile

Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipple surgery can help correct the nipple positioning by releasing the fibres and milk ducts that are causing the nipple to retract.

Breast Implant Replacement

Breast implant Replacement

Breast implant replacement surgery will remove and exchange implants to reduce, change shape or increase the size of the breast.


Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal surgery will remove the breast implants from the chest

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Auto Augmentation

A breast auto augmentation is a specialised procedure that uses your own natural breast tissue to fill the pocket of which the implant used to sit and reconstruct, reshape and enhance the natural shape of your breasts with no implant.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast Asymmetry Correction

Asymmetric breast correction is usually a combination of surgical techniques such as breast lift, reduction and implants to help improve their appearance.

Nipple reduction the private clinic scaled

Nipple Reduction

Overly large nipples can cause a great deal of discomfort and concern to both male and female patients. Nipple reduction surgery can reduce the height and/or width of the nipple to help them look more in proportion to the rest of the chest.


Breast Lift with Enlargement

A breast enlargement combined with a breast uplift results in total breast rejuvenation by increasing volume and lifting the breast to a higher position.

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Tuberous Breast Correction

The surgical technique used to correct the appearance of Tuberous Breast Correction will depend on the severity of your tubular breasts but usually involves a specialised procedure to release the constricted breast tissue.

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