• The Rafaelo® procedure is a revolutionary, safe and reliable non-surgical treatment for haemorrhoids removal with lasting results
  • Available in London & Birmingham with no waiting times
  • 15 Minute walk in walk out procedure with minimal downtime & 90% success rate

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Medically reviewed by Lorcan Sheppard BSc MBBS FRCA, Chief Medical Officer for The Private Clinic of Harley Street, London.
Last Reviewed June 13th 2023

The Rafaelo® Procedure

The Rafaelo® procedure, also known as Radio Frequency Ablation of Haemorrhoids performed under Local Anaesthetic is a non-surgical treatment for internal haemorrhoids.

Radiofrequency ablation is commonly used in the medical field and is already an established treatment for varicose veins.

Non-Surgical Haemorrhoids treatment

Haemorrhoids or piles are swollen veins that occur inside and around your bottom. In most cases, haemorrhoids will clear up on their own after a few days, often with over-the-counter creams to help with any discomfort. For haemorrhoids that don’t seem to be getting better, treatment may be required to help reduce discomfort and clear the haemorrhoids from the area.

What is Rafaelo® non-surgical treatment?

Rafaelo® is a non-surgical haemorrhoid treatment that can remove haemorrhoids in as little as 15 minutes using radiofrequency ablation. It is best for haemorrhoids that have been graded 1-3. The minimally invasive treatment is a painless procedure with fast recovery and a 90% success rate.

Why choose The Private Clinic for Haemorrhoid removal treatment?

  • Non-surgical, minimally invasive haemorrhoid removal treatment.
  • 15 Minute walk in walk out procedure.
  • Initial consultations can be carried out over the phone with the Consultant surgeon.
  • Free Protoscopy Exam (usually priced at £100-150 at most clinics and private hospitals) included in all clinic consultations.
  • Treatment is carried out in our discreet Birmingham or London Private clinics.
  • No need for overnight hospital stays.
  • Performed under local anaesthetic.
  • Almost painless procedure.
  • Symptoms instantly reduced.
  • Minimal post-operative pain and aftercare.
  • Able to return to daily activities immediately.
  • Minimal chance of recurrence.
  • 24 hour patient helpline direct to your nursing team and surgeon, which means should you have any concerns we are here to help.
  • Dedicated post-operative care and appointments with your surgeon and nursing team.

Where can I have Rafaelo® Treatment?

Rafaelo® consultations and treatment appointments are available to book at our discreet clinics in Birmingham and London Harley Street.

“Piles surgery has traditionally been a painful and highly morbid operation. However, Rafaelo® has turned this on its head. The immediate advantage is the ability to avoid a general anaesthetic which allows the patient to effectively walk in and walk out of the clinic following treatment. My own patients have had very little in the way of discomfort and initial follow-up results are very pleasing both from a clinical response to treatment and from patient feedback”.  – Mr Amit Patel, Consultant Laparoscopic General and Colorectal Surgeon, BSc, MD, MBBS, FRCS (Plast.) GMC Number: 4737010

First Class Colorectal Services

Rafelo® is our first choice of treatment when it comes to treating haemorrhoids. We have a team of expert Colorectal Surgeons who have been performing the procedure regularly and are confident in helping you to achieve long-lasting results.

The revolutionary Rafaelo® treatment is a non-surgical, safe and effective treatment for haemorrhoids or piles removal with lasting results as seen in The Daily Mail.

Self Pay Haemorrhoid Treatment

Our haemorrhoid treatment options are available as a private self-pay treatment. We do not require GP or hospital referrals. Treatments can be undertaken at a time and date convenient for you with no waiting lists.

Rafaelo Procedure at a glance

Procedure Time
15 mins

Anaesthetic Type
Local anaesthetic

Hospital Stay
None, daycase

Support Garment



1 Day

Up & Mobile

Sexual Activity
1 – 7 days

Back to Work
1 – 2 days

1 – 7 days

1 – 2 weeks

Recovery Time
1 – 2 weeks

Final Results
1 – 2 weeks

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What to Expect

Non-Surgical Rafaelo Haemorroids Removal Treatment

What is Rafaelo® treatment?

The Rafaelo® procedure is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for internal haemorrhoids removal. The treatment uses well-established radiofrequency technology that is used in the treatment of varicose veins.

Rafaelo® treatment takes 15-30 minutes to perform.

  • You will usually be asked to lie on your side with your knees pulled up towards your chest.
  • The base of the haemorrhoid will be injected with local anaesthetic via an anoscope.
  • Once numb a metal tube (proctoscope) will be inserted into the anus. This will have a light and camera attached to the end of it. This enables your consultant to have a clear view of your haemorrhoids on a monitor as they apply radiofrequency energy to each one.
  • Painless radiofrequency energy is applied to each haemorrhoid via a special needle probe. This reduces the blood supply to the haemorrhoid causing it to contract and begin to shrink.

The haemorrhoids treated will continue to shrink following the procedure usually taking around 2 weeks to disappear. Once they disappear, a scar or mucous membrane will cover the old site of the haemorrhoid or piles.

The procedure can be performed on all internal grade 1-3 haemorrhoids.

Grade 4 haemorrhoids are usually external haemorrhoids at this stage and are not suitable for the Rafaelo® procedure due to the nervous system. If there is an internal part of a grade 4 haemorrhoid, the Rafaelo haemorrhoids removal procedure can be used to reduce and improve symptoms. If not suitable for the Rafaelo procedure, you may be offered a Haemorrhoidectomy procedure as an alternative.

The Rafaelo® procedure for treating haemorrhoids or piles is a non-surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic to avoid any discomfort. Patients are able to return home afterwards with minimal post-operative pain.


Rafaelo Haemorroids Aftercare

Rafaelo aftercare

Once the minimally invasive Rafaelo® procedure is over, you will be briefed again on your aftercare and often provided with painkillers to take home with you.

We recommend that patients allow 1-7 days to recover from the procedure. This will vary depending on the severity of the haemorrhoids. In the majority of cases, patients have been able to return to work within 1-2 days following the procedure depending on their job role.

In order to achieve the best results, it is best to stick to a fit and healthy lifestyle post-procedure. We recommend that you eat plenty of fibre, fruit and vegetables and stay hydrated to avoid becoming constipated.  

Patients will be given a follow-up appointment with their surgeon around 6-8 weeks after the procedure to discuss the results of the treatment.


The Private Clinic have collaborated with Chrysalis Finance to offer 0% finance for our patients.*

*Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.


Why would you choose the Rafaelo® over other alternative treatments?
Rafaelo® is our first choice of Haemorrhoid procedure due to its minimally invasive technique and minimal downtime and post-operative pain. Banding is a common technique used for treating grade 1-2 haemorrhoids. The technique involves attaching a small elastic band around the base of the haemorrhoid which reduces the blood supply resulting in it falling away after a week or so.  The application of these bands can be very painful and recurrence rates are high so it is likely you will need further treatment. The Rafaelo® procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as a walk in walk out procedure. There is no downtime and you will be able to return to daily activities immediately with minimal post-operative pain. Where Rafaelo® is not suitable, we will endeavour to offer an alternative treatment that we feel is going to give you the best results.
How long does the Rafaelo® treatment take?

The Rafaelo® procedure takes 15 minutes to perform.

Does the Rafaelo® treatment hurt?

Slight discomfort may be felt during the first part of Rafaelo treatment when the local anaesthetic is injected. This is a sharp scratch but once it takes effect, no pain should be felt during the treatment. If required, mild sedative may be available to help you relax.

Is the Rafaelo procedure a laser?

No the Rafaelo procedure is not a laser, it uses radio frequency energy which reduces the blood flow to the area forcing the haemorrhoid to shrink and eventually disappear.

What are the risks of Rafaelo® procedure?

All treatments and procedures have risks and these will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation. The potential risks or side effects of the Rafaelo® procedure includes some possible discomfort after the procedure, small amount of discharge, recurrence of symptoms, infection of the treatment area and minor bleeding within the first couple of weeks post-procedure.

What is the Rafaelo® procedure?

Rafaelo treatment is a minimally invasive procedure for internal haemorrhoids that uses radio frequency technology to significantly reduce or remove haemorrhoids. A similar version of this technology that was used to treat varicose veins was modified to be suitable for haemorrhoids. The treatment involves inserting a specialised needle probe into the haemorrhoidal cushion where radio frequency energy is then applied with the aim of restricting blood supply which causes the haemorrhoid to necrose and fall away from the area which results in a relief from symptoms.

Does the Rafaelo® procedure work?

The non-surgical Rafaelo® procedure has been very successful with the majority of patients in our clinics. It is also reported to have a 90% success rate.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has approved the Rafaelo® procedure when it is carried out with special arrangements for clinical governance, consent and audit or research (NICE interventional procedures guidance IPG589)

We recommend coming in for a consultation to discuss your symptoms and our specialists will be able to assess your suitability for the procedure and what your outcome from treatment is likely to be.

Is the Rafaelo® procedure available on the NHS?

Rafaelo® non-surgical haemorrhoid treatment is available on the NHS at selected hospitals across the UK. However, referral and waiting lists can often be months long and the eligibility criteria for treatment is very strict.

Patients with haemorrhoids or piles that are grades one or two are usually classed as being not suitable for NHS funded treatment.

Many patients choose to seek private self-pay haemorrhoid treatment instead due to these reasons.

We are able to offer patients a fast, effective and discreet service with no waiting lists. We prioritise non-surgical haemorrhoid treatments to help ease symptoms and get you back to your normal routine quickly.

Book a consultation with our Consultant Colorectal Surgeon to find out more.

Who performs Rafaelo® treatment?

The Rafaelo procedure is performed by Consultant Colorectal surgeons at our clinics.

Private colorectal surgeon near me

We have two experienced colorectal surgeons working with us at The Private Clinic.

Colorectal surgeon London

Mr Piero Nastro is our colorectal surgeon in London. He consults from our London Harley Street clinic offering the non-surgical Rafaelo® treatment for suitable patients alongside more traditional haemorrhoidectomy procedures.

Colorectal surgeon Birmingham

Mr Amit Patel is our colorectal surgeon in Birmingham. He consults from our Birmingham clinic where he is also able to conduct the minimally invasive Rafaelo® procedure.

Book a consultation at a haemorrhoid clinic near you.

Where can I have Rafaelo® haemorrhoid treatment?

Private Rafaelo® non-surgical haemorrhoid treatment is available at the following clinics.

London Haemorrhoid Clinic – 98 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HZ

Birmingham Haemorrhoid Clinic – 88 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8LU

Our Rafaelo treatment Clinics

Meet our Medical Experts

We have some of the most experienced Colorectal surgeons working with us who offer the latest non-surgical treatments for haemorrhoids and piles.

You can trust our experts to deliver a fast, effective and discreet service.