Cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery near me

The Private Clinic has over 35 years of experience providing the best cosmetic and surgical procedures helping many patients achieve their goals. We offer a variety of treatments and procedures, count with clinics across the UK with state-of-the-art facilities and have the world-renowned doctors and surgeons. Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation is a popular procedure to… Continue reading Cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery near me

Cosmetic Surgery Chelmsford Clinic, Essex

The Private Clinic in Essex is at the state of the art Baddow Private Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex. It is easily located from areas such as Abberton, Ardleigh, Alresford, Colchester, Brentwood, Basildon, Dedham, Billericay, Ongar, Ingatestone, Loughton and Upminster. We are able to offer consultations for our full range of procedures at our Essex clinic… Continue reading Cosmetic Surgery Chelmsford Clinic, Essex

Rhinoplasty – Open vs Closed?

Rhinoplasties, more commonly known as nose jobs are no longer that ‘secret surgery’ with stories about celebrities undergoing the procedure appearing in magazines and online more regularly. However, the procedure itself is still a little less spoken about, with not many people being able to detail what exactly is involved with the procedure. Here at The… Continue reading Rhinoplasty – Open vs Closed?

A guide to Plastic Surgery for men

Women are chronically portrayed as the gender that cares and pays most attention to beauty, health, and style, but such stereotypes are being brought down daily because men aren’t blind to the fact that our society values youth and beauty – nor are men creatures devoid of vanity. In fact, those eager to climb the corporate… Continue reading A guide to Plastic Surgery for men

Setting the record straight on Dermal Fillers

A couple of interesting facts have emerged in the past few years. First, there’s no denying it, minimally invasive treatments are the way forward and their popularity is only growing. Second, women no longer hold a monopoly on interest in subtle cosmetic procedures and male demand is steadily rising. Injectable treatments such as Dermal Fillers… Continue reading Setting the record straight on Dermal Fillers

How much do Rhinoplasty and Septo-Rhinoplasty treatments cost?

With over 3,690 treatments performed in the UK, Rhinoplasty was us Brits’ sixth most popular cosmetic treatment in 2015. The procedure involves the surgical correction and reconstruction of the nose and has several different formats for different results. But what about the price?  As with any treatment, there’s not a straightforward answer. The cost of… Continue reading How much do Rhinoplasty and Septo-Rhinoplasty treatments cost?

Recovery after Rhinoplasty

As with any surgical procedure, your recovery after a Rhinoplasty treatment should something you consider a long time before you decide to go ahead. Downtime isn’t as bad as some patients might think, but nose surgery is still a serious operation and should always be treated as such. The first thing to remember is that… Continue reading Recovery after Rhinoplasty