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  • Cheek fillers can restore lost volume and define the cheek contour
  • Performed by fully-trained medical professionals
  • A non-surgical and effective treatment thats effective with natural results

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Medically reviewed by Lorcan Sheppard BSc MBBS FRCA, Chief Medical Officer for The Private Clinic of Harley Street, London.
Last Reviewed June 15th 2023

Cheek Fillers

High cheek bones are often associated with beauty and celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell and Kiera Knightly are some of the most requested cheekbone inspirations across our clinics.

Why have dermal fillers in the cheek?

  • To look younger: fat loss in the cheek can make you look gaunt and older
  • To restore cheek volume: weight loss can cause this or having a naturally slim face
  • High cheek bone definition: to improve definition to the face and facial balance
  • To lift the jaw line: creating a more youthful look
  • To lift the mid face: to improve a sunken look caused by age or weight loss

At The Private Clinic our expert medical team can help address any facial changes you are after. Cheek dermal filler treatment is highly successful and many leave wondering why they had not done it sooner.
Take that first step and come and see us for a chat about what you want to achieve.

Cheek Fillers at a glance

Procedure Time
30 mins

24 – 48 hours

Final Results
2 weeks

No. of treatments
Patient dependant

Results last
4 – 13 months

Why have cheek filler at The Private Clinic?

  • We help to restore lost volume and define the cheek contour
  • It is a non-surgical and effective treatment
  • It is performed by our highly experienced trained nurses, doctors and surgeons
  • We specialise in natural looking results
  • We take the time to understand what you want so you leave our clinic delighted with the dermal filler result

At The Private Clinic all of our injectable treatments are carried out by cosmetic doctor, nurse or surgeon prescribers, who have undergone extensive training to qualify in prescribing and performing Dermal Filler injections. 

We only use the highest quality brand of temporary fillers such as Teoxane® and Juvederm®. We source from reputable manufacturers Galderma and Allergan which are renowned for their superior standards. To speak to our medical experts about cheek filler click here.

Dermal Filler can also be used in the under the eyes, lips, nose to mouth lines, mouth to chin lines, chin, nose, smile lines and hands. To find out more about Dermal filler click here.

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Cheek Filler Before & After Photos

Take a look at our Before and After photos showing the results from dermal cheek filler.

What to Expect

The Private Clinic has been treating patients for over 40 years with thousands of people placing their trust in us each year. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a personalised service. We have a team of friendly nurses and expert surgeons who understand the importance of this decision and will support you throughout your journey with us.

Cheek Filler Treatment

When you attend clinic for your cheek filler treatment, some patients decide to have numbing cream applied to the area being treated before their treatment. If this is the case your practitioner will allow 5-10 minutes for the effects of this to work.  Once ready, your injectable nurse, doctor or surgeon may mark up your face and then begin to inject dermal filler.

Dermal cheek filler can be placed at 3 sites within the cheek area which includes the temple, zygomatic malar and sub malar region. These areas run from the outer corner of your eyes down to your mid cheek. Dermal cheek filler is usually placed above the cheek bone to achieve more definition or into the soft tissue / fat pads within the cheek to increase the volume and help to lift the cheek.

Additional filler may be used across the cheek to help volumise the area and enhance the contour of the cheek

Dermal Cheek Filler is suitable for improving;

  • Flat Cheeks
  • Volume loss in the cheeks
  • Cheek contour
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Hollow or Sunken Cheeks
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Lifting the jaw line
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Chin Filler is an advanced Dermal Filler technique and as such should only be carried out by highly experienced medical practitioners.


After your Cheek Filler Treatment

Results from dermal cheek filler are often immediate but swelling, redness and bruising may appear shortly after treatment and last for 1-3 days. The final result from treatment is best seen 2-3 weeks post-procedure when the filler has had time to settle and the swelling will be gone. In order to maintain your results from dermal cheek filler, you will need to plan for additional top up treatments.

If you would like to come and see us for a consultation to discuss your options click here.

There is not much downtime associated with dermal cheek filler injections and most patients are back to work and their usual activities the day after treatment.

We do advise that sleep on your back for the first 2-3 nights post treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise for 4-6 hours, avoid touching your face for 6 hours including applying make-up, minimise your sun exposure and protect yourself with SPF.



How do cheek fillers work?

Once the dermal filler has been injected into the area, cheek fillers work by taking the place of the missing fat, filling out the fine lines and smoothing the skins surface.

Is cheek filler painful?

Dermal cheek filler treatment at The Private Clinic is designed to be comfortable.

You can have topical anaesthetic applied to the area if you are feeling concerned about the pain.

During treatment, our experienced staff members will be checking with you to ensure that you are not in pain at any point of the treatment.

The dermal fillers we use, Teoxane® and Juvederm®, have a built-in anaesthetic that will also enhance your comfort.

You may feel a little discomfort but many patients leave feeling little or no pain at all during their cheek filler treatment.

What happens if I stop having cheek filler?

Your cheeks will return to their original appearance before you started dermal filler treatment. To maintain your cheek filler results you will need to come back for additional treatment. Your medical expert will be able to advise when to come back for treatment.

How long do fillers last in the cheeks?

The amount of time that dermal cheek filler lasts for will vary between patients. It usually depends on the type of filler used and your own metabolism. Typically results from cheek filler will last for 6-9 months but some patients find their results lasting for 12-18. Your injectable specialist will be able to advise you on the type of filler being used and the time it is expected to last for.

Will my cheeks look fake after filler?

Previously, dermal filler treatments were associated with those who had had very dramatic and obvious results. Here at The Private Clinic we pride ourselves on offering patients effective and natural looking results to help restore a youthful and refreshed appearance.

To find out more about dermal cheek fillers click here to make a consultation.

What happens during cheek filler treatment?

Dermal filler is injected into the cheek area in small quantities. In some cases a micro-cannula may be used to help administer the filler. Your nurse, doctor or surgeon will work to create an even distribution on both sides of the face to get a smooth and natural-looking result.

What happens to the dermal filler in my cheeks over time?

Dermal filler is broken down naturally by your body so overtime your results will begin to fade. To maintain your cheek filler results you will need to come back for additional treatment. Your medical expert will be able to advise when to come back for treatment.

How much does Cheek Fillers cost?

The cost of cheek filler will depend on how much dermal filler is required (i.e. 0.5ml, 1ml or greater). Prices start from around £440 at The Private Clinic for Dermal Cheek Fillers.

The best option is to come in and see our experienced medical experts who can discuss all of the options and the look you are trying to achieve.

Consultations with our expert doctors or nurses are £50 however this cost can be redeemable against the price of treatment should you wish to book following your consultation.

To book a consultation click here.

Our prices are competitive and we only use experienced and qualified medical professionals at The Private Clinic to administer our dermal fillers. We believe our patients deserve the utmost safety in our care and we are committed to offering reliable, effective results.

What type of filler is used for cheek filler?

The Teoxane RHA® range is most commonly used for cheek filler at The Private Clinic. This type of dermal filler was developed to be used for restoring lost facial volume in the cheeks, cheekbones, and chin.

Juvederm® Voluma can also be used. This is a very smooth hyaluronic acid (HA) filler which results in smooth and natural looking results.

Teoxane® and Juvederm® fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and will be biodegraded naturally and safely over time. We have a high level of satisfaction with the results of using this type of filler for cheek enhancement.

There is a wide range of different types of dermal filler and which one is best for you will depend on the texture of your skin, the area being treated, the desired result as well as the doctor, nurse, or surgeon’s own preference.

To speak to a medical expert about cheek filler click here.

Is there a cheek filler clinic near me?

The Private Clinic has clinics nationwide so we are sure to have a clinic located near to you.

Cheek filler London

London – 98 Harley street, W1G7HZ

Cheek filler Manchester

Manchester – 25 St John Street, M3 4DT

Cheek filler Birmingham

Birmingham – 88 Hagley Road, B16 8LU – West Midlands

Cheek filler Leeds

Leeds – 45 Park Square North, LS1 2NP – Yorkshire

Cheek filler Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Surrey

Buckinghamshire 84 Rogers Lane, Stoke Poges, Slough, SL2 4LF – South East England

Cheek filler Northampton

Northampton – 82 Billing Road, NN1 5DF – East Midlands

To find out more about booking a consultation at a clinic near you, contact us here.

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Cheek filler enhancement is an advanced dermal filler technique and should only be performed by an experienced specialist. At The Private Clinic, you will only be treated by a registered and experienced nurse, doctor or surgeons who have undergone extensive training. We only offer tried and tested, fully approved medical products produced by worldwide, renowned manufacturers, such as Allergan.