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  • MBBS
  • MSc

GMC Number: 6136433

Hao Hanson Yu
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About Dr Hao Hanson Yu

Dr Hao Hanson is a third-generation medical doctor in his family, holding degrees in Medicine and Surgery, as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Translational Medicine. His training spans across modern western clinical medicine with comprehensive education in natural botanical remedies, based on authentic traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr Hanson specialises in non-surgical aesthetic treatments and has acquired accurate skills in a variety of injection techniques and likes to keep ahead of cutting edge technologies. His great attention to detail enables him to skilfully restore with an artistic approach the arcs and convexity of the face and body with care and grace resulting in beautiful and youthful results for his patients.

Dr Hanson’s background in Naturopathy and clinical medicine is a powerful mix, allowing him to support clients in a way that is different from most practitioners in London. Having a diverse alternative background and contemporary clinical approach means he can inform
and advocate the client, promoting less invasive treatments for clients and opening the dialogue for lifestyle modification that will best serve the client inside and out.

“It’s a working relationship with my clients where I can provide a long term holistic approach that hits a nice middle ground between naturopathy and modern clinical techniques, looking into the ageing process and beauty treatment outcomes across diverse genders, ethnic groups, age and communities.”

— Dr Hanson

Dr Hanson has an instinctive and excellent understanding of facial features, the ageing process and beauty treatment outcomes across diverse genders, ethnic groups and socioeconomic communities. He is experienced in non-surgical face lifts with PDO threads and PLLA/PCL threads (APTOS), combining with the latest advanced Thermage and Ultherapy technology. 

Dr Hanson has offered his talents with several luxury brands and clinics across London, now leading the non-invasive aesthetics with The Private Clinic of Harley Street.  

Dr Hanson performs a wide array of non-surgical aesthetic treatments combined with a variety of clinically effective skin care treatments to improve the arcs and convexities of his patient’s face and body. Such as neuromodulation using BotN-A, myomodulation, volumisation and sculpting with Hyaluronic Acid fillers.

Another approach that I bring with me is what I call fine aesthetics. I’m a budding painter and sculptor, so I embrace cutting-edge technological approaches with the approach of an artist’s steady hand. My interest in fine art gives me a decent understanding of facial features, much like a sculpture, I see contours, lines and crevices that can be beautified.

We all have a face we see in our bathroom mirror and a face we have in mind. My goal is to help my patients to synchronise the two of them, a complete and harmonious self

— Dr Hanson

Dr Hanson is available for consultations and treatment at our London Harley Street skin clinic.

Before/after photos by Dr Hao Hanson Yu

Treatments performed by Dr Hao Hanson Yu

bespoke youth trio treatment circadia latic acid peel laser genesis facial london harley street mobile 2

Wrinkle Injections

Reduces the appearance of of lines and wrinkles.

placeholder 1

Excessive Sweating

We have a range of treatments that targets the cause of excessive sweating, simply and effectively.

8 point lift treatments fluid facelift 1

8 Point Lift

Improves facial contours with natural looking results.

dermal fillers london bristol leeds manchester birmingham glasgow mobile

Dermal Fillers

Add volume to Lips, cheeks, nose, chin, non surgical facelift, nose to mouth lines.

tear trough dermal filler uk dark circles treatment mobile e1601375783259

Tear Trough Filler

Reduce the appearance of dark circles.

chin filler augmentation jawline dermal fillers enhancement the private clinic mobile

Chin Fillers

Effective results for weak or recessive chins.

non surgical rhinoplasty nose job nose reshaping treatment mobile

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Improves nose contours with natural looking results.

cheek fillers uk cheek bone enhancement injections dermal filler mobile

Cheek Fillers

Restore lost volume and define the cheek contour.

thermage CPT skin tightening treatment non surgical facelift


Thermage is the only non-invasive procedure that helps tighten and contour your skin in a single treatment

facelift without surgery non surgical thread face lift mini facelift silhouette mobile

Thread Lift

Minimally-invasive treatment that lifts and improves skin elasticity.

lip fillers near me dermal filler london best before after 1ml lip augmentation ehancement mobile

Lip Fillers

Add more volume into the lips and improve lip definition.


Obaji Prescriptions

Obagi skin care products require a medical prescription as they contain 4% hydroquinone.