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The sun’s UV rays, pollution and bad habits all take effect on our skin, leaving us with a dull, dry, aged and leathery texture.
But luckily for us, there is a highly effective solution, turning back the years and giving us a glowing, dewy, more youthful looking complexion! Our skin boosting treatment, the advanced Juvéderm Volite Dermal Filler, treats such damage. The mesotherapy-like solution uses the rejuvenating power of hyaluronic acid to hydrate and improve the elasticity of skin, add volume and remove fine lines, with safe, natural-looking and long-lasting results.
What is Volite?
As we mentioned, Volite Dermal Fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid. This acid is filler occurring naturally, and found in abundance, in the skin as well as our joints, cartilage and more.
Sometimes called “nature’s moisturiser”, the acid boasts a very high-water capacity, helping to hydrate our skin. Stimulating collagen production, the miracle ingredient also increases skin elasticity.
Daily, about one third of our hyaluronic acid is produced and broken down. But unfortunately, with time, our natural ability to regenerate hyaluronic acid gradually decreases.
The state-of-the-art filler also contain the local anaesthetic, Lidocaine, helping to numb the area and allow treatment to be as comfortable as possible.
This formulation of Volite means that it can be used in conjunction with other anti-ageing treatments.

What’s the difference between Volite and Wrinkle Injections?
Although both are injectable treatments, they work very differently. Wrinkle injections relax muscles causing wrinkles to appear, while Volite uses hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate and add volume to the area, for a younger looking appearance.
What’s involved in Volite dermal filler treatment?
Volite involves very small superficial injections using an ultrafine needle and can be applied in specific areas. But many patients opt for an overall “facial-esque” boost, with tiny “blobs” of the filler applied all over the face. The treatment can also be applied to the neck, hands and décolletage.
The amount used will depend on the area being treated. 1 syringe (1ml) may be used for targeting specific areas; while a full face treatment would likely require 2 syringes (2ml).
How long does Volite dermal filler treatment take?
Treatment takes approximately 45 minutes for 1 syringe, and one hour for two syringes, as topical anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment. The anaesthetic included in the filler makes the treatment virtually painless; however, also using topic anaesthetic will make the treatment more comfortable.
When will I see the results from Volite dermal filler treatment?
You may find you have some bruising and swelling initially, however, this commonly subsides within one week. Final results from the treatment will be seen approximately one month after treatment.
How often will I require Volite dermal filler treatment?
With just one treatment, Volite provides you with a refreshed appearance with incredible added moisture. Although, multiple sessions will achieve you optimum results.
As a maintenance treatment, we usually recommend one treatment every 6-9 months. However, depending on the severity of the problem shorter intervals may be required.
The Private Clinic
At The Private Clinic, we want to ensure you have the upmost confidence in your practitioners expertise, products used and results you can expect. In choosing us for treatment, you will be treated by only highly experienced surgeon prescribers, doctors and nurses, who have extensive additional training in order to qualify in undertaking and prescribing Dermal filler injections.
Aesthetic Doctors & Nurses

Our Volite treatments also use only fully approved products of the highest quality, prescribed by renowned manufacturers, such as Allergen.
As every patient’s skin is different, so should their treatment be. That’s why we offer our patients a Volite consultation where we can develop your customised treatment plan. One of our aesthetic specialists will discuss and assess your skin needs and go through your medical history, in order to advise if Volite is the best treatment for you, the quantity to be used, areas to target, and what can be achieved for you. Our Volite treatments are available at our clinics in London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Northampton and Buckinghamshire.
To find out more about dermal filler treatments, call 0333 920 9135 or use our dermal filler online contact form to request a call back.