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I’ve noticed that my hair is starting to fall out

I’ve noticed recently that my hair just seems to have started to fall out. I’ve never had an issue before so wondered if this is normal as its slightly worrying me?  Dennis.

Hi there, thanks for your query. Most men lose upto 100 hair a day as a routine. This is pretty normal. However if you are experiencing excessive hair loss , you might need to consider visiting your GP or pop into to see one me for a scalp analysis.

But to give you an idea on what is related to hair loss heer are three interdependent factors:

Genes – The genes of baldness can be passed on by either parent. However, just because a person has the genes for baldness, doesn’t mean the this trait will continue. So if your father is severely bald doesn’t necessarikly mena that you will be. You may have minimal hair loss because the baldness genes have not been passed on or because the expression of the baldness gene that he did inherit is limited.

Hormones – The hormone directly involved in alopecia is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT decreases the length of the growing cycle so that with each new cycle the hair shaft becomes progressively smaller.

Age – The presence of the necessary genes and hormones are not alone sufficient to cause baldness. Susceptible hair follicles must continually be exposed to the hormone over a period of time for hair loss to occur. The age at which these effects finally manifest themselves varies from one individual to another.

I’m not sure of your history or age but we can discuss this if you would like to come in and see me.


Dr Reddy

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