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Our team of trichologists are experts in all things hair and scalp, and their aim is to reach an understanding of all the different factors that can affect the health of your hair and scalp. Our trichologists will want to understand your lifestyle, diet, family history and medical conditions, to assess how these factors could be influencing the condition of your hair. They are also able to advise you on texture, hair thinning or hair loss, scalp problems.

Jane Mayhead

MIT – Institute of Trichologists 

Jane Mayhead is a qualified Trichologist who is well-known for her campaigns for for women who suffer with alopecia, Jane has been a member of the Institute of Trichologists since 1993 and comes with a multitude of experience from working with some of the UK’s best known hair clinics.

She focuses heavily on a holistic approach to hair and scalp issues, looking at everything from nutritional plans to patients’ wider health to ensure the best results. She regularly gives her opinion and advice to well-known media publications, as well as contributing to industry newsletters and lectures.

Jane Mayhead is available for consultations at our London Harley Street, Birmingham and Northampton clinics.

Denise Knight

MIT – The Institute of Trichologists

Denise Knight is a specalist trichologist who has over 20 years working with hair and scalp problems. Her passion for healthy hair and helping men women with hair loss stems from her first-hand experience of the distress hair and scalp conditions can cause.

An active member of the Institute of Trichologists, Denise first gained an interest in Trichology while working in the hairdressing industry. She came across a host of clients suffering from hair thinning, hair loss and scalp problems, at which point the desire to help these people drove her to embrace a new passion.

Denise understands the sensitive nature of such conditions and has a committed, holistic approach that helps her want to achieve the very best outcome for her patients by analysing the full picture behind possible reasons of hair loss and any scalp condition.

Denise is available for consultations at our Leeds clinic.