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Unshaven (UFUE) Hair Transplant

Unshaven FUE Hair Transplantation, also known as U-FUE (Undetectable/Unshaven FUE) is an option to consider if you do want anyone to know about their hair transplant.

Traditionally, your hair will be need to be shaven prior to your hair transplant procedure. This can cause some patients to decide against the procedure as they do not want friends or family to know or perhaps business associates or even the press. What many patients don’t know is that in some cases it is possible to carry out a hair transplant procedure either without shaving at all or with limited shaving that can be camouflaged within the hair that is remaining.

The unshaven technique is still very similar to the FUE Hair Transplant technique with the biggest difference being that you will not be required to shave your head before the procedure takes place. As a UFUE patient you will be able to keep your hair as it is and the donor hair will be extracted at full length. Once the hair is extracted from the donor area, the strands will be cut leaving only the root which is what is then implanted.

Many patients who choose this option are able to return to work the next day with no one noticing that they have had treatment. The specialised technique is only performed by a selection of surgeons including Mr Michael Mouzakis from our clinics in London and Northampton.

There are different options under the UFUE technique which includes;

  • Shaving only the donor and recipient area.
  • Shaving only a small part of the donor area.
  • Complete unshaven FUE

Not all patients are suitable for a fully unshaven procedure, particularly if they have experienced hair loss requiring a large number of grafts. In this case the best option to give you the optimal results will be discussed with your hair transplant surgeon in consultation.

Advantages of a UFUE

  • Maintain your original hair style after the procedure.
  • Return to work and everyday tasks quickly with no one needing to know you have undergone a hair transplant procedure
  • Post-operative scabs and crust will be easy to hide
  • Number of grafts transplanted will be fewer so overall recovery time is quicker

Patients can expect to see the results of their newly transplanted hair over the 12 months following their procedure.  To find out more about our Unshaven Hair Transplant techniques we would recommend that you book in for a consultation with our expert hair transplant surgeon who will be able to inspect your hair and discuss your options to ensure you receive the best result possible.


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