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The low down on Tribal Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair covers two different types of surgery to fix either split earlobes or tribal earlobes. Split earlobes are where the ear has been pierced and the piercing hole has split, a tribal earlobe is where the patient has purposefully stretched their piercing hole in their earlobe bigger to fit ear plugs.

There has been a recent rise in patients considering earlobe repair surgery; often because they were not aware it even exists. Earlobe repair surgery is a very simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic meaning your earlobes that you have been hiding away are instantly repaired and back to normal within a couple of weeks.

Split Earlobes

What causes split earlobes?

Split earlobes are usually caused by frequent wearing of heavy earrings. In some cases a traumatic event such as the earring being pulled or caught causes a tear in the earlobe. Overtime you may notice your earrings not sitting how they used to and on closer inspection the start of a tear may be visible.

How easy can you repair split earlobes?

Split earlobe repair is a very simple technique; any excess tissue is removed before the two sides are stitched together with dissolvable stiches. It usually takes around 15-20 minutes per ear to perform and the downtime is minimal with many returning to work the next day.

Can I have surgery under general anaesthetic?

Split earlobe repair is a very minor procedure so it is usually carried out under local anaesthetic which many patients prefer. You will not feel any pain during the procedure which will usually be completed within 30-40 minutes if you are having both ears treated. If you would prefer to be asleep during your surgery then general anaesthetic can be used but this would need to be discussed with your surgeon.

Will I be able to wear earrings again after surgery?

You will be able to re-pierce your ears after split ear correction surgery but we do recommend that you wait 2-3 months before getting them re-pierced and that you avoid piercing them in the area of the scar.

Tribal Earlobes

What are tribal earlobes?

Tribal earlobes are when the hole of a traditional ear piercing is excessively stretched to create a permanent hole in the lobe of the ear. Although the act of stretching earlobes is nothing new with it originating thousands of years back with ancient tribes and civilizations as part of their culture, religion, to enhance their beauty and for traditional purposes. It has become popular in modern western culture for people of all ages and genders to stretch their earlobes as fashion.

How are tribal earlobes repaired?

During a tribal earlobe repair a section of ear tissue is removed and the two loose ends are then stitched together. It is important to see someone who is experienced in tribal earlobe repair that is able to precisely recreate the curve of your earlobe to avoid any unnatural looking lumps or bumps.

Does Tribal Earlobe repair hurt?

Tribal earlobe surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic and you should not feel any pain throughout the procedure. The procedure takes around 15-20 minutes per ear depending on the size of the lobe to be corrected and many patients are able to return to work the next day.

Will I be able to pierce my ear again after surgery?

You will be able to pierce your ear again after tribal ear repair surgery but we do recommend that you firstly wait 2-3 months, don’t pierce in the area of the scar and that you refrain from stretching them again as your ear will be weaker. The scar on your ear will become unnoticeable over time meaning in the majority of cases many tribal earlobe patients choose not to re-pierce post-surgery.

Why choose The Private Clinic?

Everybody’s ears are different and ears can stretch and rip differently which means choosing a qualified plastic surgeon to restore your ears means you have a much better chance at achieving a natural shape and appearance again.

We have over 35 years of experience in the aesthetics industry and know how little imperfections like split or tribal earlobes can become bothersome over time. We are able to provide you with some of the best specialised Plastic Surgeons to ensure that you receive the best care available.

Where can I have ear repair surgery?

Earlobe repair consultations are available at our Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, London, Buckinghamshire and Northampton clinics. Surgery will take place in one of our in-clinic theaters or at our state of the art hospital in London Fitzroy Square.

If you would like to find out more about earlobe repair surgery please call 0333 920 2471 or click here.

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