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A touch of celebrity teeth whitening comes to Cheapside

What do Cheryl Cole, Jessie J, The Saturdays and Lorraine Kelly have in common? While we’re sure Lorraine’s got a beautiful singing voice, they’re clearly not all of popstar fame. And nor do any of their accents suggest they’re from a similar locality.

Cheryl Cole Jessie J Frankie Bridge Lorraine Kelly Teeth Whitening Dr Wyman Chan The Private Clinic

Take a look of at photos of any of the lovely ladies, however, and there’s one thing you’ll certainly notice; their beautiful, white teeth. And it’s no coincidence. The four names are just a taster of the celebrity clients The Private Clinic’s summer addition Dr. Wyman Chan is proud to dazzle the smiles of.

Often hailed as the ‘father of modern British teeth whitening’, Dr. Wyman Chan has developed a revolutionary, non-abrasive whitening technique that whitens without causing damage or sensitivity. The treatment is unique in that it is alkaline rather than acidic meaning even those with the most sensitive teeth are able to use it, and it conditions the enamel on the teeth to a healthy, bright smile.

We’re pleased to announce that, as pioneers of minimally-invasive treatments, we’re bringing the revolutionary dentist and his teeth whitening method to The Private Clinic’s Cheapside base, Skin & Beauty in two forms; an in-clinic treatment performed by Dr. Wyman Chan himself, or a take-away kit to perform on yourself at home. Both methods can produce teeth that are up to 14 shades whiter with a longevity of up to two years, and the main difference between the two is that the home treatment takes longer to achieve the end result.

Before and After Dr. Wyman Chan's teeth whitening treatment
Before and after Dr. Wyman Chan’s teeth whitening treatment

While teeth whitening has become a norm for many beauty-conscious Britons, it is smart to be wary of the number of dangerous treatments on sale from unqualified practitioners. The General Dental Council regards tooth whitening as a practice of dentistry, meaning it should only be carried out by a qualified dental professional on the prescription of a dentist. While cheaper offers at beauty salons may sound appealing, they can permanently damage your teeth and gums when the wrong hands use the wrong products.

Dr. Wyman Chan’s extensive experience and focus on safety extends far beyond the famous faces queuing to have his treatment. With a PHD in the Efficiency and Safety of Teeth Whitening Processes, he is a worldwide authority on safe cosmetic dentistry and a founding member of the British Dental Bleaching Society. Both the in-chair and at home methods require a full dental check-up at Skin & Beauty prior to treatment to ensure there is no chance of damage to your teeth, and either Dr. Wyman Chan or Dr. Duarte will lead you through your personalised method for achieving the smile you want.

We believe Dr. Wyman Chan’s focus on patient safety and outstanding results ties in perfectly with The Private Clinic’s ethos, and are excited to begin our new venture together. Whether your staining comes down to too much late night red wine or the numerous coffees required the morning after it, we’re here to help you get a smile you’re proud of safely and with the very best team.

Please note teeth whitening is temporarily unavailable at Skin and Beauty until further notice.

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