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The Private Clinic in Bristol is now closed but if you are seeking a plastic surgeon, vascular expert or fat reduction treatment then our London clinic located on the prestigious Harley Street is a great alternative.

Our London Harley Street clinic is our flagship clinic, and you can be rest assured that you will continue to receive the best quality care with industry leading doctors and surgeons who are experts in their fields.

We are able to offer video consultations with our expert plastic surgeons in London offering a range of plastic surgery procedures including Breast Augmentation, Breast Auto Augmentation, Breast Uplift, Breast Reduction, Implant Removal or Replacement, Tummy Tuck, Facelifts and Rhinoplasty surgery.

If you are considering a hair transplant removal procedure we can book you a video consultation with industry leading hair transplant surgeons to discuss your FUE Hair Transplant procedure options. 

Exclusive to our London Harley Street clinic is our minimally invasive bunion removal surgery that allows patients to walk immediately after their procedure without the need for crutches. To find out more about this revolutionary keyhole procedure book a video consultation today

We also have video consultations available with expert Vascular surgeons to discuss the range of varicose vein removal methods we have available such as EVLA, VenaSeal, Phlebectomy and Foam Sclerotherapy. 

The Private Clinic has been providing over 35 years of experience in Surgical and Aesthetic Cosmetic minimally invasive treatments. We are multi award winning world-class specialists in Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Non-Surgical Body Contouring & Liposuction, Hair Transplants & Restoration, and Aesthetics/Rejuvenation & Dermatology for both Men and Women. We see over 15,000 new patients every year and pride ourselves on being able to cater to their individual needs.

Contact us to find out more about the treatments available at our London Harley Street clinic.

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Procedures Available in Our Bristol Clinic

Please find the 2020 procedures and treatments we currently offer in our Bristol Clinic. Our clinic in Bristol has some of the best and most experienced nurses, therapists, Consultant Surgeons and Doctors.

Minor Surgery & Wellness

*Initial consultation only, the consultation with the surgeon and procedure will take place in Fitzroy hospital, London