Winter Skin Rejuvenation

Winter is one of the most important times of the year to look after your skin. The cold weather, the sun and the extreme changes in temperature due to the heating can negatively impact your skin, dehydrating it, making it appear dull and flat. Winter is also a time of festivities and family and friends… Continue reading Winter Skin Rejuvenation

Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness Month and we want you to know about what causes acne and how you can treat it. Acne is actually one of the most common skin conditions in the UK, affecting millions of people. While it traditionally affects teens, adult acne is also just as common and is on the rise.… Continue reading Acne Awareness Month

Anti-Ageing – What are my options?

The term ‘anti-ageing’ actually started becoming a recognised term in the 80’s with the idea of getting older and looking older becoming a negative thing. Here at The Private Clinic we prefer the term ‘Pro-Ageing’ as, let’s be honest – there is no defined way to stop the process of ageing, but we can instead help… Continue reading Anti-Ageing – What are my options?

5 ways to treat Acne Scarring

Almost everyone has at least one scar on their body; they are the body’s natural way of healing. Certain areas of the body are more at risk of scarring, such as the chest, back, ear lobe and the shoulders. Acne scars are one of the most common problems that we get enquiries for at The… Continue reading 5 ways to treat Acne Scarring

Celebrity Skincare Favourites

Looking at social media you can’t miss the many celebrities flaunting their selfies  – with flawless skin and forever youthful appearances, it may leave you feeling slightly deflated! But more often than not their perfected skin is all down to a simple treatment or routine which you don’t need a big celebrity budget to afford.… Continue reading Celebrity Skincare Favourites

#TPCskin: Skincare Twitter Q&A

Not long ago we had our Cheapside Clinic Manager, Keelee Lamb answer some of your most pressing skincare questions in a Twitter Q&A. An hour was spent answering questions about skin type, acne, ingrown beard hairs and more. We gathered all that information for you here to enjoy and get an idea of what people… Continue reading #TPCskin: Skincare Twitter Q&A

The Private Clinic Bristol: Treatments

Recently, Bristol’s been getting a lot of attention because of Banksy’s Dismaland and the crowds have been coming in droves to visit. The temporary hustle and bustle might not be welcome by everyone though, so we thought we’d highlight a more permanent fixture, that’s there to offer you a professional and reliable environment all year round: The Private… Continue reading The Private Clinic Bristol: Treatments

Skin tone and texture: How to rejuvenate your face

Our faces can seem worn and aged when our skin takes on a different tone or, when its texture is made uneven or harsh because of scarring or pitting, and can seriously undermine our self-confidence. Luckily there is a multitude of procedures aimed at evening out skin tone and texture so you’re definitely spoiled for… Continue reading Skin tone and texture: How to rejuvenate your face

Skincare in your thirties

Aristotle once said “The body is at its best between the ages of thirty and thirty-five.” We see no reason why that mantra can’t extend to your skin…and why it has to stop at 35. After we hit our mid-twenties, the skin’s production of collagen starts to slow down at the same time as our reserves of the protein… Continue reading Skincare in your thirties