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#TPCskin: Skincare Twitter Q&A

Not long ago we had our Cheapside Clinic Manager, Keelee Lamb answer some of your most pressing skincare questions in a Twitter Q&A. An hour was spent answering questions about skin type, acne, ingrown beard hairs and more.

We gathered all that information for you here to enjoy and get an idea of what people are most concerned about when it comes to their skin.

London City Keelee Lamb The Private Clinic

About Keelee Lamb

Keelee has worked in the beauty and aesthetic industry for over 15 years. She is passionate about helping people with their skin and body concerns by using her expert knowledge in Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenation treatments and products.

Keelee strives to aid her clients age beautifully and knows that to be able to do that, understanding their worries and requirements is crucial in order to deliver effective solutions. She aims to provide the highest standard of customer service and does her utmost to make every customer experience a unique one.

Introductory Tweets

We’re getting ready for our #skincare Q&A – you can start sending questions in now – use #TPCskin!

Hi there, Keelee here. I will be answering your #skincare related questions today for the next hour #TPCskin

So, our first question was…

Q: @JackieChinii asked: @privateclinic What’s the best way to prevent #skin from ageing quickly? #TPCskin

A: @JackieChinii the best way to prevent skin from ageing quickly is a good #skincare routine and most of all sunblock. #TPCskin

A: #TPCskin: Wear sunblock like @heliocare even on cloudy days to prevent age spots and premature ageing.

A: #TPCskin: Use sunblock in conjunction with Ce Ferulic by @SkinCeuticals for amazing results.

Q: @RoborovskiBo asked: @privateclinic I have struggled with ingrown hairs around my beard for many years. Any advice? #TPCskin

A: @RoborovskiBo For ingrown hairs around the #beard, #microdermabrasion is a fantastic solution because it exfoliates the area. #TPCskin

A: @RoborovskiBo you can use retinol products at home and exfoliators, or have mild chemical peels to exfoliate and prevent this. #TPCskin

A: @RoborovskiBo … if it’s too much of a problem, you can also opt to remove your #beard thanks to #laser #hair removal. #TPCskin

Q: On Instagram, c_fanchini asked: What type of face cream is best suited for mix type skin?

A: #TPCskin: For combination #skin, you need to re-balance it using Vitamin C & Light Day Cream SPF37 and Night-time Repair by @Circadiaskin

A: #TPCskin: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects your #skin and stimulates collagen and elastin for #antiageing.

A: #TPCskin: Light Day Cream protects your skin against UVA and UVB sun damage while moisturising your skin.

A: #TPCskin: Night-time Repair contains retinol which thickens your #skin, protects it, and makes it work how it should.

Q: On Instagram, c_fanchini asked:What’s the best way to deal with adult #acne.

A: #TPCskin: The best way to treat adult #acne is to treat it topically and orally. Treating your skin from the inside out.

A: #TPCskin: Treat #acne topically using our N-Lite #laser treatment & a range of chemical peels along with your homecare kits like @JanMarini

A: #TPCskin: To treat #acne internally we use a advanced nutrition program called Accumax from @iiaaLtd to treat your #skin without antibiotics.

A: #TPCskin: Accumax from @iiaaLtd is a scientifically advanced nutritional supplement designed to work from within.

Q: On Instagram miss_anitachka asked: What is the best way for getting rid of small scars on my face that occured from #acne?

A: For #acne scarring you would want to get a package of treatment and homecare. Homecare to prep your skin – Vitamin A & C to start…

A: #TPCskin: … from @SkinCeuticals, Retinol and Ce-Ferulic, to repair and promote cell turnover for healthier #skin.

A: #TPCskin: We recommend a mixture of Dermaroller treatments, and Chemical Peels form @Circadiaskin, as well as a 0.5 Dermaroller for home use.

Q: On Instagram miss_anitachka asked: I am 23 years old and was wondering whether it is necessary to start using anti-wrinkle products?

A: #TPCskin: Prevention is better than cure. You’re still very young but have #acne scarring, try Retinol & Phloretin to treat the scarring…

A: #TPCskin: … but it also has #antiageing effects. Try @SkinCeuticalsUK, @JanMarini, @Circadiaskin, @ObagiUK, @iiaaLtd or @QMSMedicosmetic

A: #TPCskin: You start aging from 25 when your estrogen drops, so that’s around the time when you would start considering #antiageing products.

Q: Jason B. asked by email: How do you treat blackheads when you have combination skin?

A: #TPCskin: For blackheads, there’s a wide range of treatments you can have. The @ObagiUK Radiance Peel decongests the skin…

A: #TPCskin: … while Microdermabrasion or a light Chemical Peel can also do the trick and re-balance the #skin. Prevention’s in #homecare.

Q: Maggie W. asked by email: How can I treat #Rosacea?

A: #TPCskin: IPL is very good for #Rosacea to take away the redness. Rose Ease from @Circadiaskin is an amazing home treatment for it.

Closing the session:

TPCskin: That’s it for Keelee today. Thank you for all your questions, and feel free to get in touch whenever you want!

#TPCskin: We invite you to come in for a free consultation and #skin analysis at our Skin&Beauty clinic in #London #Cheapside!


Please do feel free to Tweet, Facebook or Instagram us with any of your questions. If you prefer, you can also send us a private messages and we’ll get back to you as swiftly as possible.

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