Give your Winter Skin some love

Skin and winter unfortunately are not the best of friends. Harsh winter weather can leave skin feeling tired, dull and dry. This can age our appearance and accentuate flaws. With a little bit of love, care and nurture, however, your skin can be restored to feeling healthy and beautiful. At The Private Clinic, we can… Continue reading Give your Winter Skin some love

Freshen up your face

And just like that it’s all over! The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of late nights, festive food and potentially too much drink that may have left your skin looking slightly dull and neglected. Catching a glimpse at yourself in the mirror may come as a bit of a shock, in the… Continue reading Freshen up your face

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is upon us and despite it’s original American heritage, it has hit the UK ground running in the past years with mass hysteria occurring in many stores. Black Friday 2020 Black Friday Offers Be first to know about our 2019 Black Friday Offers. Click here to see our 2019 Offers So what have… Continue reading Black Friday 2020

Awesome for Autumn (Post-Holiday Skin)

With the weather making a sharp cloudy transition to autumn, it may be time to update your beauty regime. Those cocktails by the pool may have left your skin drier than you’d like. Travel, with its potentially interrupted sleep patterns and varying temperatures (think air conditioning) may have left the skin in need of some… Continue reading Awesome for Autumn (Post-Holiday Skin)

5 ways to treat Acne Scarring

Almost everyone has at least one scar on their body; they are the body’s natural way of healing. Certain areas of the body are more at risk of scarring, such as the chest, back, ear lobe and the shoulders. Acne scars are one of the most common problems that we get enquiries for at The… Continue reading 5 ways to treat Acne Scarring

Celebrity Skincare Favourites

Looking at social media you can’t miss the many celebrities flaunting their selfies  – with flawless skin and forever youthful appearances, it may leave you feeling slightly deflated! But more often than not their perfected skin is all down to a simple treatment or routine which you don’t need a big celebrity budget to afford.… Continue reading Celebrity Skincare Favourites

The Private Clinic, Glasgow: Treatments

This might be our furthermost clinic, but it’s a cultural hub full of life, art and beautiful architecture that’s reminiscent of London, where our first clinic was established. Since Glasgow has so much to offer, we’ve selected a range of treatments that we hope will help alleviate the pressures of daily life (and the weather!),… Continue reading The Private Clinic, Glasgow: Treatments

Skin tone and texture: How to rejuvenate your face

Our faces can seem worn and aged when our skin takes on a different tone or, when its texture is made uneven or harsh because of scarring or pitting, and can seriously undermine our self-confidence. Luckily there is a multitude of procedures aimed at evening out skin tone and texture so you’re definitely spoiled for… Continue reading Skin tone and texture: How to rejuvenate your face

Skincare in your forties

40 is the new 30 – there’s absolutely no disputing that. However, while we might feel as youthful as ever inside, our forties can be the time when our skin catches up with earlier years and begins to show signs of wear and tear.   The majority of those who visit The Private Clinic in their forties… Continue reading Skincare in your forties

Skincare in your twenties

It’s never too early to start looking after your skin. And, while you might not feel ready to start thinking about getting older, your twenties are actually the best point to start taking skincare seriously. It can be a difficult time for some of us; caught halfway between skin that’s starting to show signs of soft… Continue reading Skincare in your twenties