How to tighten loose skin

You’ve sweated it in the gym for hours and put Mr Cadbury into financial difficulty with the amount of chocolate bars you’ve refused. Yet, while the pounds might be starting to creep off, there’s one thing that simply won’t change – that frustrating bit of loose skin on your body. No matter how much weight… Continue reading How to tighten loose skin

Skincare in your forties

40 is the new 30 – there’s absolutely no disputing that. However, while we might feel as youthful as ever inside, our forties can be the time when our skin catches up with earlier years and begins to show signs of wear and tear.   The majority of those who visit The Private Clinic in their forties… Continue reading Skincare in your forties

Is technology ageing us quicker?

Tech neck is a term that’s been popping up in the media recently. It suggests our love of technology is causing us aesthetic problems. But is it actually real? And what can you do to reverse it?   Recent statistics suggest that the average 18-39 year old with three digital devices or more can look at a screen… Continue reading Is technology ageing us quicker?

Anti-Ageing: Surgical Vs Non-Surgical

Ageing happens to us all. It isn’t something to be ashamed of,  nor is it anything that we need to stop. However, if you find the effects of ageing are taking their toll on your confidence, you may be considering your cosmetic options. Surgery is a huge consideration and should always be something you take… Continue reading Anti-Ageing: Surgical Vs Non-Surgical

Four non-surgical alternatives to a facelift

We all wish we could turn back time (physically, at least). But not everyone is ready for or willing to undergo extensive surgery in order to achieve the feat. A recent example is Judy Murray, the mother of UK tennis player Andy Murray, who revealed how she has taken advantage of a non-surgical facelift to… Continue reading Four non-surgical alternatives to a facelift

A face lift without the surgery?

Photos are a great way to remember happy days, but can be an even better way to lose confidence; sagging skin, wrinkles and generally anything nasty not only shows, but often looks worse. Beauty app developers Modiface think they’ve found the perfect solution for this photographic faux-pas in their new creation Beauty Mirror, which allows… Continue reading A face lift without the surgery?