What are Sagging Jowls?

What are jowls? When we say jowls, we are referring to the skin along the lower jaw; if the skin is sagging below the jawline then you have what is known as sagging jowls. Who gets sagging jowls? Anyone can develop sagging jowls; they have the tendency to affect women more than men and often… Continue reading What are Sagging Jowls?

Do I need a Mini Facelift or a Full Face Lift procedure

A facelift has the power to produce one of the most dramatic transformations of all cosmetic procedures. It can give you a naturally fresher, younger-looking appearance which can sometimes leave people struggling to work out what in particular has changed. But like any surgical procedure, it can only be as effective as the surgeon performing… Continue reading Do I need a Mini Facelift or a Full Face Lift procedure

A face lift without the surgery?

Photos are a great way to remember happy days, but can be an even better way to lose confidence; sagging skin, wrinkles and generally anything nasty not only shows, but often looks worse. Beauty app developers Modiface think they’ve found the perfect solution for this photographic faux-pas in their new creation Beauty Mirror, which allows… Continue reading A face lift without the surgery?