Skincare in your sixties

According to scientists; sixty really is the new forty. Therefore, in your sexagenarian years, you’ve got absolutely no excuse not to look as vibrant, radiant and glowing as you did twenty years ago (but that’s enough of us getting all stern on you). Adapting your daily regime around your skin’s new needs might sound difficult,… Continue reading Skincare in your sixties

Brilliant ways to tackle wrinkles and sagging skin without surgery

Going through life we frown, smile and laugh. It’s natural for our bodies to manifest a physical reaction to our emotions and surroundings. However, by doing so, we encourage the appearance of fine lines and dynamic wrinkles. Additionally, with age, our collagen and elastin production lessens while we naturally start losing fat around our face. Combined, these can lead… Continue reading Brilliant ways to tackle wrinkles and sagging skin without surgery

Skincare in your fifties

Coco Chanel once said “you can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life”.  It’s time to get irresistible…   By the time we approach 50 our skin has normally gone through a lot of changes from younger adult years, but that doesn’t have to be for the bad.… Continue reading Skincare in your fifties

Skincare in your forties

40 is the new 30 – there’s absolutely no disputing that. However, while we might feel as youthful as ever inside, our forties can be the time when our skin catches up with earlier years and begins to show signs of wear and tear.   The majority of those who visit The Private Clinic in their forties… Continue reading Skincare in your forties

A face lift without the surgery?

Photos are a great way to remember happy days, but can be an even better way to lose confidence; sagging skin, wrinkles and generally anything nasty not only shows, but often looks worse. Beauty app developers Modiface think they’ve found the perfect solution for this photographic faux-pas in their new creation Beauty Mirror, which allows… Continue reading A face lift without the surgery?

The difference between wrinkle injections and fillers

The fountain of youth: a mythical spring with an ability to gift bathers with beauty of the past and the vitality of a younger self. Over the years there have been a fair few quests to find it, one of the earliest being Herodotus way back in 5th century BC. Two thousand years later and… Continue reading The difference between wrinkle injections and fillers

Demand for Anti-ageing Cosmetic Treatments Soars in the UK

Recently published figures from BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) show that with a 0.2% increase in UK Plastic Surgery procedures as a whole, some anti-ageing procedures saw double-digit increases in 2012, with Facial Rejuvenation treatments (Eyelid surgery and Brow lifts) and Fat Transfer experiencing the highest growth in demand.