Celebrity Skincare Favourites

Looking at social media you can’t miss the many celebrities flaunting their selfies  – with flawless skin and forever youthful appearances, it may leave you feeling slightly deflated! But more often than not their perfected skin is all down to a simple treatment or routine which you don’t need a big celebrity budget to afford.… Continue reading Celebrity Skincare Favourites

The difference between wrinkle injections and fillers

The fountain of youth: a mythical spring with an ability to gift bathers with beauty of the past and the vitality of a younger self. Over the years there have been a fair few quests to find it, one of the earliest being Herodotus way back in 5th century BC. Two thousand years later and… Continue reading The difference between wrinkle injections and fillers

Meet the Team – Bristol

Our Bristol Team give an insight into the clinic’s daily life, their backgrounds, and how the clinic works. Welcome to Bristol! We are a small, enthusiastic team working in a state-of-the-art clinic that offers fantastic packages of care.  We share different experiences, passions and knowledge which combine to help us to create personal pathways of care for each… Continue reading Meet the Team – Bristol