The Private Clinic, Glasgow: Treatments

This might be our furthermost clinic, but it’s a cultural hub full of life, art and beautiful architecture that’s reminiscent of London, where our first clinic was established. Since Glasgow has so much to offer, we’ve selected a range of treatments that we hope will help alleviate the pressures of daily life (and the weather!),… Continue reading The Private Clinic, Glasgow: Treatments

#TPCskin: Skincare Twitter Q&A

Not long ago we had our Cheapside Clinic Manager, Keelee Lamb answer some of your most pressing skincare questions in a Twitter Q&A. An hour was spent answering questions about skin type, acne, ingrown beard hairs and more. We gathered all that information for you here to enjoy and get an idea of what people… Continue reading #TPCskin: Skincare Twitter Q&A

Skincare in your sixties

According to scientists; sixty really is the new forty. Therefore, in your sexagenarian years, you’ve got absolutely no excuse not to look as vibrant, radiant and glowing as you did twenty years ago (but that’s enough of us getting all stern on you). Adapting your daily regime around your skin’s new needs might sound difficult,… Continue reading Skincare in your sixties