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Skin and winter unfortunately are not the best of friends. Harsh winter weather can leave skin feeling tired, dull and dry. This can age our appearance and accentuate flaws. With a little bit of love, care and nurture, however, your skin can be restored to feeling healthy and beautiful.
At The Private Clinic, we can give your skin just that, with our selection of fantastic treatments. We realise however, that each patient’s skin is unique with different needs. Consequently, we customise each treatment and create skin programmes for every patient.
Spruce up damaged, dull skin
To revitalise dull, damaged, lacklustre skin, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are both fantastic options. With minimal downtime, most can return to work after treatment.
Chemical Peels are great for treating problems such as tired skin, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation and sun damage. An intense exfoliating process, the treatment removes dead cells from the skins surface, leaving the skin feeling revived and more consistent in colour! The treatment is available in the following clinics:  London Harley Street, BirminghamBristol, Leeds and Manchester, Glasgow and Northampton
Laser skin resurfacing uses a high energy beam to restore your skin in a minimally-invasive way. The treatment tackles various types of skin damage, including sun damage, age spots, acne scars, pigmentation and wrinkles, and gives the face and neckline a refreshed appearance. Laser skin resurfacing is available in our clinics in London Harley Street, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow.
Plump up
If winter has left your face with more creased areas or feeling hollowed, we have several treatments with no or minimal downtime to give your skin a fuller and fresher appearance.
Anti-wrinkle injections are a common procedure for reducing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. Relaxing facial muscles and minimising excessive facial movements, the injection also prevents new wrinkles from forming. Frequently treated areas include the crow’s feet, lines between the eyes, forehead lines, neck lines and chin lines. The treatment is available at the following clinics: London Harley StreetBirminghamBristolGlasgowLeedsManchesterNorthampton and Buckinghamshire.
Non-invasive treatments, Dermal Fillers add volume to hollow areas, contouring the face and addressing wrinkles and fine lines. They are in particular effective at plumping out lips, producing more prominence in cheeks, reshaping the chin and jawline and reducing the appearance of dark circles. Dermal fillers are offered at The Private Clinic in Harley Street LondonBirminghamBristolManchesterLeeds, GlasgowNorthampton and Buckinghamshire.

Why choose The Private Clinic?
We represent the leading group of clinics in the UK for minimally-invasive and non-invasive cosmetic and skin treatments. Our distinguished medical team have pioneered the most advanced skin procedures for over 30 years, used to treat thousands of patients annually.
Dedicated to addressing your unique skin needs, our highly experienced specialists offer free consultations, to discuss your individual requirements and potential skin programme. Arrange yours today via our skin rejuvenation webpage or by calling 0333 920 9135.