Anti-ageing / Rejuvenation

Anti-ageing / Rejuvenation

Skin is continuously at the mercy of so many factors and over time, expression lines, volume loss, pigmentation and dark patches may become noticeable. With the skill and expertise of our medical team, combined with the industry’s most advanced, effective treatments, we are able to maintain your skin quality with a range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as:

With such an extensive list of specialist treatments, it is important that you understand each one and choose the right treatment for you. The most important advice we can give you is that you must consult with a qualified physician or practitioner prior to undergoing ANY treatment.

Our Medical team will always advise you on the best possible treatment plan to ensure you get the best, safest, most effective results possible.

Injectable treatments include line relaxing injections and dermal fillers, both of which are of the highest quality available and administered by fully qualified practitioners. These treatments are widely used to treat concerns such as expression lines, deeper frown lines and “marionette” lines which run from the edge of the mouth down to the chin.

For optimum results we may recommend a combination of the two treatments. Generally speaking muscle relaxers are used for the top half of the face to smooth frown lines and ‘crow’s feet’, while dermal fillers are used in the bottom section to add volume to cheeks, fill nasolabial folds or enhance the lips.

As with most non-invasive treatments, the results are temporary/semi-permanent, so you will need to touch up periodically to maintain your desired look. However, over time most people need less product, less frequently to achieve the results they want. Many people opt for the ‘less is more’ approach, after all you can always add more the next time should you require it!

Laser skin resurfacing can be a very effective solution to maintaining youthful skin and remedy brown spots, high colouring and discoloration, fine lines, as well as spider veins. There are different lasers available, some are specially designed to work much deeper than others but your clinician will talk you though the best option for you.

Laser technology has advanced significantly over the past few years making them safer and far more effective. Also in recent years the development of lasers has now allowed us to successfully treat darker skin, something older technologies simply couldn’t do. It is important to consult a laser specialist who is up-to-date on the latest developments in this field and only seek out clinics which invest in state of the art technologies before committing to any treatment.

These treatments appeal to people with less free time who want a treatment that can be done quickly, like in their lunch hour. The most popular non-invasive treatments, include Microdermabrasion and mild chemical peels which can be very effective when you want to freshen up your skin’s appearance. Be aware that these cannot address more serious rejuvenation concerns, but superb results can be achieved.

Medical Microdermabration treatments and certain chemical peels (including stronger deeper peels) are more intensive, meaning they are likely to procedure better results, improving not just the appearance but also the tone and texture of your skin.

Before embarking on any skin treatment it is important to have a thorough consultation. Every person will have different concerns and requirements, with problems ranging from dark circles under the eyes, to lines around the mouth, lack of volume in cheeks, to ‘sunken looking’ eyes.

It is important to book a consultation with a physician who has expertise and access to a wide range of treatment options. By visiting a physician who has extensive experience across a wide range of treatments you can be sure they will advise you on the best treatment for you and we can set out a plan to help you achieve the results you desire.

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