Month: May 2017

Opting for a more natural look to anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

A natural face is now making a come-back in the world of celebrities, gone are the oversized lips and frozen foreheads and instead stars are embracing their natural lines and wrinkles. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are avoiding the anti-wrinkle

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A spotlight on Nipple Correction Surgery

What is it? Nipple correction is exactly what the title suggests, a correction of the nipple. Some women may notice that their nipples are inverted which generally is nothing to be concerned about. If your nipple has suddenly become inverted

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing Your Surgeon

If you are considering plastic surgery choosing your surgeon can seem like a daunting task. Many undergo cosmetic surgery to help boost their self-esteem so having your long awaited procedure go wrong can really affect your body and mind. Together

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A spotlight on Varicose Vein Clinics

Here at The Private Clinic we have over 30 years’ experience in offering the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments for all types of veins and we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s most recognised, specialist varicose vein clinics with nationwide

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Prep Your Way to a Confident Summer Body

As the first signs of summer slowly start to make an appearance, you may be dusting off that summer wardrobe and getting ready to ditch the baggy jumpers and tights in favour of bare legs, summer tops and dresses. To

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Young Men and Hair Transplants

It is clear to see that these days’ men are feeling a lot more comfortable with the idea of hair transplants and we are seeing a lot more famous men embracing the procedure every day. The most common source of

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A Spotlight on Male Chest Reduction

What is it? Gynecomastia is often more commonly known as man boobs. It is a condition that affects 15% of adult men in the UK. It is a condition which can run in families and is often caused by excess

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Ear Correction Surgery What to Expect?

Ear correction surgery is also known as an Otoplasty or a Pinnaplasty and it is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the ear if you are unhappy with their appearance, size or position. This surgical procedure is usually performed

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10 Post Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQs

Once you have had your breast augmentation it is up to you to ensure you allow your new breasts to heal fully before you return to whatever you know as being normal life. It will mean you have to make

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