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Opting for a more natural look to anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

A natural face is now making a come-back in the world of celebrities, gone are the oversized lips and frozen foreheads and instead stars are embracing their natural lines and wrinkles. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are avoiding the anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, we suspect it is more down to the technique it is given.

Katie Price is a good example of this, once known for her big bust and big lips she is now opting for a more toned down look. Katie stated last year: “That’s it now. I won’t do any more to my body. I’ll still have Botox.”

Speaking to our clinical lead Mel Recchia it has already been noted that there is a steady rise in patients wanting a much more natural result from treatment;

“We now, much more than ever before, look at the face as a whole, we don’t just “chase the line” we don’t just treat the problem, we look at the cause of the problem, i.e. – loss of volume in the mid face and cheek area results in a deepening naso-labial fold, nose to mouth line; so we look at putting volume back into the cheek not just fill the naso-labial fold. This approach overall gives a much more natural appearance to the face.”

At The Private Clinic we only offer tried and tested, fully approved medical products, produced by worldwide, renowned manufacturers, such as Allergan.

Allergan have done many studies on who has injectable treatments and why they have them, their current research has identified 3 different groups of people having treatment.

The Positive Ageing Group

These are women who want to be in control, age well but stay looking natural. They want to look how they feel without changing the way that they look. It is not their aim to look 20 years younger, but instead look as good as they can for the age that they are – a better version of themselves rather than a different version.

The Transformation Group

These are individuals who are actively looking to change something about their face that they are otherwise unhappy with. The most common requests are for dermal filler to be used to slim their jawline or reduce the appearance of a bump in their nose.

The Beautification Group

These are people who are more celebrity-led and traditionally are looking for bigger lips, contoured cheeks and a smooth forehead. They want to achieve a certain look which is often influenced by the selfie generation and social media.

Many patients are also seeking alternative ways to keep a youthful appearance including skin peels and laser rejuvenation. These treatments are a great way to keep your skin looking great; skin peels work by removing dead cells on the surface of the skin which then results in a smoother, brighter and healthier appearance.chemical-peel-aurora-part-of-the-private-clinic

Depending on what category you fall under will determine the type of treatment needed but also the technique.

With such an extensive list of specialist treatments, it is important that you understand each one and choose the right treatment for you. The most important advice we can give you is that you must consult with a qualified physician or practitioner prior to undergoing any treatment.

We have a team of skin specialist at our clinics across the UK including;

London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton.

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