• Add more volume into the lips
  • Improve lip definition
  • Performed by fully-trained medical professionals
  • Natural looking filler results

Lip Fillers

The Problem

Dermal lip fillers are a popular treatment for patients of all ages. Ageing can cause wrinkles around the mouth and thinning of the lips. For others they may have always had thin lips and dermal filler is a great treatment to help enhance their natural shape.

Dermal Lip filler treatment or lip augmentation is a very effective way of adding extra volume, plumpness and definition to the lips which helps to enhance the shape of the mouth.

Dermal lip filler treatment is popular with patients of a variety of ages. Ageing can start to affect the lips anytime from aged 30 onwards. Lips can begin to thin and lose their previous natural and full shape due to a reduction in the amount of collagen being produced. As you start to loose collagen in the face especially you may notice skin starting to sag or droop and the development of lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Lips take on a much thinner appearance but lip filler treatment can help restore your natural lip shape again.

Some patients have always had thin lips and they seek dermal lip filler to help plump them up whereas some just prefer a more voluminous pout and dermal filler to the lips becomes a routine treatment.

Dermal lip filler treatment is available at London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton. Treatment is only performed by highly qualified and trained doctors, nurses or surgeons here at The Private Clinic to ensure that you only receive the best results.

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Benefits of Dermal Lip Filler

  • Adds more volume into the lips and increases the fullness of thin lips.
  • Improves lip definition
  • Can create a more defined smile
  • Achieves a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance
  • Fills fine lines (smokers lines / lipstick lines) around the mouth

Lip Augmentation before and after photos

Dermal lip filler treatment involves injecting into your lips or surrounding borders a solution that contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to define the natural lip shape and restore volume and fullness.  The amount of filler used will depend on the look that you want to achieve. We pride ourselves on providing patients will natural looking filler results.

At The Private Clinic we only use the highest quality brand of temporary fillers such as Juvederm® from reputable manufacturers Galderma and Allergan which are renowned for their superior standards. To speak to our medical experts about lip filler click here.

The Problem

Dermal lip fillers are a popular treatment for patients of all ages. Ageing can cause wrinkles around the mouth and thinning of the lips. For others they may have always had thin lips and dermal filler is a great treatment to help enhance their natural shape.

Lip Filler Treatment

If you choose to have numbing cream applied before your lip filler treatment this will be applied ahead of your procedure. Once ready, hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers which are a smooth gel will then be injected into the treatment area by our fully-trained medical professionals.

There are different treatment options for dermal lip filler which include;

Volume:  If you are looking to improve on the volume of your lips then dermal filler will be added to the fleshy part of the upper and lower lip.

Definition:  If you are looking to add more definition to the lip shape then dermal filler can be added to the vermilion border or lip outline.

Mouth frown: The two corners of your lips are known as the oral commissures. In some cases these can appear downturned and can cause you to look unhappy when you are not.  A Mona Lisa Smile procedure involves injecting dermal filler into the bottom lip at the corners of the mouth to give an upturned appearance to your face resulting in a fresher and younger look.

Structure: Philtrum ridges are the vertical groove that runs from your nose to your upper lip. Injecting dermal filler into this area can really enhance your cupids bow

Smokers lines: Perioral lines or fine vertical lines can appear around the lips. These are often caused by smoking hence the name smoker’s lines but can also be a natural result of ageing. Dermal filler can help to fill these lines reducing the appearance of them resulting in a more youthful look.

The Private Clinic uses only the highest quality brand of temporary fillers, including Galderma and Allergan which are renowned for their superior standards. And we only allow qualified and certified doctors, surgeons and nurses to inject fillers.

We are proud to be working closely with the Independent Health Advisory Service (IHAS), and to have all of our clinics registered with Treatments You Can Trust.

Find out more about the safety of Dermal Fillers.

The Results

The results from dermal lip filler are instant however swelling and redness are very common after treatment but these will usually subside within a week.

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There is not much downtime associated with dermal lip filler. You may have swelling or bruising post-treatment but many patients return to work after treatment.

We advise that you avoid strenuous exercise for 4-6 hours, avoid touching your face for 6 hours including applying make-up, minimise your sun exposure and protect yourself with SPF.

The best option is to book a consultation at one of our clinics local to you.

Tear Trough
By injecting Dermal Fillers into the tear trough – which extends from your eye to divide your cheek from your lower eyelid – the area can be made to look less hollow while subtly easing dark circles under the eyes. Tear Trough procedures treatments are very specialised and require an experienced hand to perform them, especially since the treatment may not be suitable for everyone. The area under the eyes is assessed before treatment and your nurse or doctor will advise you on whether this is an effective treatment for your case. Those who are eligible will benefit from a fuller and brighter expression that will leave your face looking fresh and rejuvenated.


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Click here to read more Dermal Filler FAQs.

Our Experts

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We are one of the UK’s leading cosmetic groups, with some of the most experienced doctors and nurses working with us. Since 1983 our ambition has been to perfect the most natural looking results and to help you look and feel your very best.

Our most important consideration is YOU – your safety and your results.

Lip filler enhancement should only be performed by an experienced specialist. At The Private Clinic you will only be treated by registered and experienced nurse, doctor or surgeons who have undergone extensive training.   We only offer tried and tested, fully approved medical products produced by worldwide, renowned manufacturers, such as Allergan.

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Comments from patients

Quite possibly the best clinic in Glasgow. Staff are experienced, helpful & most importantly professional. I was made to feel at ease from the moment I booked my first lip filler consultation. Dr Connolly is fantastic at what he does. He listened to all my concerns, gave me the best advice and also gave me the lips I have always wanted. I was given great aftercare advice & followed it every step of the way. 2 years later & i am still attending The Private Clinic. I have recommended to everyone I know & for anyone thinking of booking a consultation, I would say do it, you won’t regret it. Thank you to everyone at The Private clinic!


My mother and I went to The Private Clinic in Northampton for wrinkle injections and lip fillers. We both booked a joint appointment with Dr Richard Brighton Knight. Firstly, I was amazed how much cheaper the cost of the treatment was, but more importantly, how thorough the consultation was with Richard and how pain free and quick the treatments were for both Mum and I. It took 30mins for us both! Dr Richard has over 9 years experience and he is a fantastic with a huge sense of humour and he is so down to earth which makes you feel so relaxed. Both Mum and and I hugely recommend visiting The Private Clinic for a very personal service. Plus, we were greeted at reception by the lovely Caroline that could not do enough for us and was an absolute pleasure. We will continue to return on a regular basis.


All staff at the Bristol clinic were extremely welcoming & friendly, I felt instantly at ease. My lip filler treatment was explained to me really well both before, during & after. Lesley talked me through every step of the way. I am so pleased with my results, the outcome is exactly as I was hoping for.


I have had lip fillers a few times here in Harley Street. The doctors know that i’m nervous every time, and does they do their best to reassure me. They listen to what I want and always make sure i’m fully happy with the results before I leave. The ladies on the reception are really lovely also, always smiley and make you feel very welcome! Would highly recommend The Private Clinic.


I had lip fillers at the Bristol clinic with Lesley. Everyone at the clinic were extremely lovely, helpful and professional. They really made me feel completely relaxed through out the whole process and I was very surprised by their knowledge on the product and expertise and they even offered coffee / biscuits! They made the whole procedure a warm lovely environment to be in and I was delighted with the end of results!


See our Lip Filler before and after photo gallery below. The Private Clinic are the UK’s leading non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic group of clinics and have some of the most experienced specialists in the industry. All of our injectable treatments are carried out by cosmetic doctor, nurse or surgeon prescribers, who have undergone extensive additional training. Click here to book a consultation to discuss your area of concern and to see more before and after photos. Click here for more information about Dermal Fillers.

    *All images, videos and testimonials are based on the personal experiences of our patients and represent individual body shapes and results. Please bear in mind that results may vary from person to person. All testimonies are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients. Their comments have not been altered in any way, and their experiences are their own.

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