• Effective results for weak or recessive chins
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Performed by highly experienced medical professionals
  • Improved facial proportion

Chin Fillers

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How to have a defined chin
If you have a weak chin, recessive jaw or you after a more defined chin then a dermal chin filler is the best option.

A non surgical jawline filler can help shape and change the look of your face. It can help to lift jowls, a sagging chin area and create a more youthful appearance. It can give you a more confident look.

Here at The Private Clinic we offer Chin augmentation dermal filler treatment to treat the chin by elongating and lengthening the chin area, adding definition to the face and adding more volume to create a more balanced facial profile.

Dermal Chin filler is available at our Skin clinics in London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, BuckinghamshireLeeds, Manchester and Northampton clinics.

At The Private Clinic our expert skin practitioners will listen to what you want to achieve and advise you on the best options for your face shape. A dermal filler consultation is about creating a personalised treatment plan for you.

What are the benefits of dermal chin filler?

  • We create effective results for weak or recessive chins
  • We can help define an ageing face
  • We can Improve your facial proportion
  • You will have minimal downtime
  • We always aim for natural results
  • It is performed by our highly experienced & trained nurses, doctors and surgeons
  • It is a temporary non-surgical alternative to chin augmentation

Chin Augmentation before and after photo
Chin Fillers before and after photo

Chin filler is a specialist technique and should only be performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional. Our doctors, nurses and surgeons here at The Private Clinic have undergone extensive training to ensure you receive the best and most natural looking results. To speak to our medical experts about chin filler click here.

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Dermal Filler can also be used in the tear trough under the eyeslips, nose to mouth lines, mouth to chin lines, cheek bone definition and cheeks volume, nose , smile lines and hands. To find out more about Dermal filler click here.

Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss and Salma Hayek are often mentioned in clinic for chin inspiration however a chin filler treatment is designed to be tailored to the rest of the features on the patients face creating a personalised treatment.

Chin Augmentation Filler Treatment

You would have had a consultation before your chin filler treatment to discuss what the treatment involves, your desired outcome and the risks and complications.

Arriving at the clinic, you will have numbing cream applied if required. Your doctor, nurse or surgeon may mark you up and use a cannula technique to help with the smooth contouring required to achieve a strong jaw line and to help reduce the risk of bruising. Dermal filler is injected into the area and the full amount will be decided upon by the medical professional. The overall treatment is usually very quick 15-30 minutes and the majority of patients to do not feel pain.

Dermal chin filler treatment is effective at improving the definition on the chin so it will appear more in-balance with the rest of the face, recede and overly prominent chin so it will be more in proportion with the face and fill in sunken areas in and around the chin as well as helping to lift the appearance of jowls that may have become more prominent with age and reduce any fine lines or wrinkles on the chin

Chin Filler is an advanced Dermal Filler technique and as such should only be carried out by highly experienced medical practitioners.

We are proud to be working closely with the Independent Health Advisory Service (IHAS), and to have all of our clinics registered with Treatments You Can Trust.

Find out more about the safety of Dermal Fillers.

The Results

Results can usually be seen immediately after treatment however swelling and bruising may be present to it is best to wait for this to settle to see the final results. Results from chin filler can last between 9 – 12 months and you will need to return for additional treatment to maintain your results.


Pain after chin treatment is low and you should not be in too much discomfort. There may be some redness and/or swelling and it is advised that you do not partake in strenuous activity for 24 hours post treatment which includes expertise.  It is also recommended that you avoid applying make-up to the area for 24 hours.

Tear Trough
By injecting Dermal Fillers into the tear trough – which extends from your eye to divide your cheek from your lower eyelid – the area can be made to look less hollow while subtly easing dark circles under the eyes. Tear Trough procedures treatments are very specialised and require an experienced hand to perform them, especially since the treatment may not be suitable for everyone. The area under the eyes is assessed before treatment and your nurse or doctor will advise you on whether this is an effective treatment for your case. Those who are eligible will benefit from a fuller and brighter expression that will leave your face looking fresh and rejuvenated.


What is Non-surgical chin augmentation with Filler injections?

A non-surgical chin augmentation involves the use of dermal filler to reshape and contour the chin. Dermal filler is injected into the chin area with the aim of lengthening a week chin or defining a recessive jaw to achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance without the need for excessive downtime.

How do chin fillers work?

Chin filler is a dermal filler technique to enhance the appearance of the chin. Dermal filler is made up of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our body. Dermal filler is injected beneath the surface of the skin to plump up the surrounding tissue which helps to reshape the chin.

Dermal filler can make your chin appear longer, pointier and /or fuller which can completely change your facial profile.  Click here to book a consultation to find out more about chin filler treatment.

Am I suitable for chin filler?

Patients who are looking to improve the size or shape of their chin may be suitable for non surgical chin shaping or chin filler. Those that have a weak chin can have dermal filler injections into the area to help reshape the chin and jawline without the pain, risk or recovery that is associated with chin implant or chin reconstruction surgery.

The best way to determine your suitability for chin filler treatment is to visit us in clinic where our medical professionals will be able to assess you in person. Click here to book a consultation.

What are the benefits of chin filler?

Chin filler reshaping can really help to redress the balance of the face. A small chin can affect the natural proportions of the face causing the nose to often look bigger and the face smaller. Enlarging the chin can bring an improved facial balance. A stronger chin can also help to assert the jawline for better definition of the face. Dermal filler chin reshaping can also provide a slimming effect in certain cases as smaller chins can give the appearance of a double chin as they do not project away from the face and don’t have  a strong structure, chin fillers can improve the appearance of double chins by smoothing the area and creating a better overall shape.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your chin but do not want to commit to surgical reconstruction or chin implants then dermal chin filler is a great non-surgical treatment to give you instant results with no downtime.

All dermal chin fillers at The Private Clinic are performed by highly experienced medical professionals to ensure that you receive the best results and benefits from treatment. Click here to book a consultation.

Do chin fillers hurt?

Chin filler treatment can be a little uncomfortable but at The Private Clinic we make it our priority to ensure that you are comfortable and pain free throughout your treatment. Where required numbing cream can be applied to the area pre-treatment and all of our fillers used have anaesthetic included within them.

How long does chin filler take?

The actual chin filler treatment is relatively quick and can take between 15-30 minutes but you will require a consultation before treatment if you have not already had one previously.

Click here to book a chin filler consultation with one of our medical experts.

How much does Chin Fillers cost?

The cost of chin augmentation UK filler will depend on how much dermal filler is required (i.e. 0.5ml, 1ml or greater).

Prices start from around £400 at The Private Clinic for Dermal Chin Fillers.

To find out more about how much chin filler is going to cost you, we recommend booking a consultation with one our our experienced medical experts who will be able to go through your options and come up with a treatment plan to help you get the best results.

Consultations with our expert doctors or nurses are £50 however this cost can be redeemable against the price of treatment should you wish to book following your consultation.

Our prices are competitive and we only use experienced and qualified medical professionals at The Private Clinic to administer our dermal fillers. We believe our patients deserve the utmost safety in our care and we are committed to offering reliable, effective results.

Click here to find out more about Dermal Fillers.

How long do fillers last in the chin?

The amount of time that chin filler results last for will vary depending on the type of filler used, your skin type and your own metabolism. Chin filler results on average last between 9 – 12 months however certain types may last longer. The type of filler used and its estimated longevity can be discussed at your consultation with one of our specialists.

What is the best filler for the chin?

At The Private Clinic we use the Juvederm® Voluma for chin filler treatments as it has the tendency to last longer.

There is however no right or wrong filler to use for the chin and it will depend on your medical professionals own preference and the results that the patient wants to achieve.

We offer wide range of dermal fillers, our expert medical professional will be able to discuss what dermal filler is best for chin reshaping at your consultation prior to treatment.

Do chin fillers feel fake?

Dermal fillers will take on the natural characteristics of the body’s tissue so it is unlikely that you or anyone else will notice that you have chin filler.

Is there a chin filler clinic near me?

The Private Clinic has clinics nationwide so we are sure to have a clinic located near to you.

Our clinics are in;

  • London – 98 Harley street, W1G7HZ
  • Manchester –  25 St John Street, M3 4DT
  • Birmingham – 88 Hagley Road, B16 8LU – West Midlands
  • Leeds – 45 Park Square North, LS1 2NP – Yorkshire
  • Buckinghamshire – Stokenchurch Medical Center Oxford Road, HP14 3SX – South East England
  • Bristol – 92c Whiteladies Road, BS8 2QN – Clifton
  • Northampton – 82 Billing Road, NN1 5DF – East Midlands

To find out more about booking a consultation at a clinic near you, contact us here.

Click here to read more Dermal Filler FAQs.

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Chin filler augmentation is an advanced dermal filler technique and should only be performed by an experienced specialist. At The Private Clinic you will only be treated by a registered and experienced nurse, doctor or surgeons who have undergone extensive training.   We only offer tried and tested, fully approved medical products produced by worldwide, renowned manufacturers, such as Allergan.

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