Dealing with Gynecomastia and self confidence

Self-confidence and self-esteem are key statements that can help to define the way that a person feels about themselves and can really affect how you are in your career and in personal relationships. For men dealing with gynecomastia which is abnormal breast enlargement, it can become a big impact on their life. Men that come… Continue reading Dealing with Gynecomastia and self confidence

Male Chest Reduction Explained

Male Chest Reduction is a procedure often used to remove excess glandular and or fatty tissue from the male breast. Mammary glands in men are usually hardly developed. In some individuals, however, the mammary gland and or body fat around it can grow excessively, giving an irregular appearance and sometimes making the patient feel self-conscious.… Continue reading Male Chest Reduction Explained

A Spotlight on Male Chest Reduction

What is Gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is often more commonly known as man boobs. It is a condition that affects 15% of adult men in the UK. It is a condition which can run in families and is often caused by excess glandular tissue, fatty tissue or excess chest skin developing in the male’s chest area. Although… Continue reading A Spotlight on Male Chest Reduction

5 Gynecomastia Myths

Gynecomastia, man boobs or male breasts are often an embarrassing topic and many males feel uncomfortable talking about it preferring to just cover up the problem but despite this, it is becoming one of the most popular surgeries for men. Men want to feel better about their appearance so we have discussed some of the… Continue reading 5 Gynecomastia Myths

Have you got ‘em but don’t want to flaunt ‘em?

There’s a handful of features that men would rather not develop and while a balding head might top the list, ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ (as they’re more commonly referred to) are definitely up there as well. In fact, recent figures show that in 2015, Male Chest Reduction surgeries were up by a significant 13%. The… Continue reading Have you got ‘em but don’t want to flaunt ‘em?

How 2015 was "the" year for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

Every year the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) releases a statistical overview of the top Cosmetic Surgery trends and the numbers are finally in for 2015. Let’s see how the industry has evolved since 2014 and what we can take from it for the year ahead. With over 51,000 Britons opting for… Continue reading How 2015 was "the" year for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK

The Case of the Daddy Makeover

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As the body ages it slows down. What may have worked aged 20 will probably take a considerable amount of multiplication to achieve similar results years on. Much has been said about the Mummy Makeover and its restorative qualities and we decided to follow up on our Mummy Makeover blog post with one for the… Continue reading The Case of the Daddy Makeover