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Gynecomastia, man boobs or male breasts are often an embarrassing topic and many males feel uncomfortable talking about it preferring to just cover up the problem but despite this, it is becoming one of the most popular surgeries for men. Men want to feel better about their appearance so we have discussed some of the most common myths surrounding gynecomastia;

Gynecomastia or Man-Boobs are just fatgynecomastia-blog-obesity-the-private-clinic
False. Breasts for both males and females are made up with a combination of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. Gynecomastia is when a male produces too much glandular tissue, there is a condition called pseudogynecomastia which is when the excess fat in the chest is simply caused by too much fat and usual weight loss measures will resolve the condition.

You don’t need surgery, just exercisegynecomastia-blog-gym-the-private-clinic
False. If you have true gynecomastia, exercise is a good start to reduce the fatty tissue, but it will not have any effect on the glandular tissue which unfortunately requires a surgical procedure. In some cases adding muscle to the chest can actually make the appearance of gynecomastia worse so don’t feel put down that your weight loss efforts have not worked.

Male breasts can be reduced by using pills & creams


False. When it comes to reducing enlarged male breasts, surgery is the only guaranteed and proven method. The ingredient Gynexin is mentioned a lot, it is a natural herb formula that can target fat deposits in the chest but those with true gynecomastia should know that fat deposits are not the cause for their problem, it’s the glandular tissue which no pills or creams will have any effect on.


Genetics cause Gynecomastiagynecomastia-blog-genetics-the-private-clinic
False. Well not entirely false, genetics is sometimes a possibility as to why you have developed the condition but other factors include the use of recreational drugs, age, steroid use and other medical prescriptions.  Anyone can be affected by gynecomastia so never rule it out if you are unsure and take the time to visit a medical professional to get the right answers.

There is nothing you can do about itgynecomastia-blog-surgery-the-private-clinic
False. Exercise, pills and creams have all been ruled out as possible treatments so that must mean there is nothing else that can be done right? Wrong, gynecomastia can be treated with male breast reduction surgery. Here at The Private Clinic, we offer our patients three options; Vaser Liposuction, MicroLipo and Surgical Liposuction. The best treatment for you will be decided during your initial consultation.


The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic is the UK’s leading authority in minimally invasive procedures for fat removal and is a training centre for Advanced VASER Lipo with over 7,000 VASER Liposuction treatments performed to date. Simply put, by coming to us for your male breast reduction treatment you can rest assured that you are in the hands of some of the most experienced doctors in the country.

The Vaser Liposuction treatment is available in our clinics in LondonManchester. BristolBirmingham, and Leeds.

The Private Clinic prides itself on ensuring you have the best quality and most comprehensive care:

  • Free consultation with your specialist surgeon.
  • 24 hour patient helpline to ensure you are always in the best of hands.
  • As many post-operative care and appointments with your surgeon, doctor and nursing team as required.
  • One year cover for all surgical, hospital and nursing care, in case of any medical issue giving you peace of mind*.
  • Comprehensive patient information, every step of the way
  • Highly experienced surgeons and doctors who have years of experience in vaser liposuction.
  • Outstanding hospital facilities.
  • Competitively priced for our expertise and experience.
  • With over 35 years’ experience of Cosmetic medical Excellence, you are in safe hands.
  • Our excellent reputation for patient safety and satisfaction, honest advice and outstanding care means your journey with The Private Clinic will be an exciting experience to a newfound shape.

To find out more about male breast reduction, book a consultation or see more before and after images please visit our website. You can also call us on 0333 920 9135. 

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