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Ear correction surgery is also known as an Otoplasty or a Pinnaplasty and it is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape the ear if you are unhappy with their appearance, size or position.
This surgical procedure is usually performed on children however it is not unusual for adults to consider the operation at a later date.
So ear correction surgery– what should you expect?

Will I need local or general anaesthetic?

The procedure itself can actually be performed under a local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic depending on individual cases.

How long does the procedure take?

An otoplasty procedure would usually take between 2-3 hours.

What scars will I have?

There should only be minimal scaring, if any after ear correction surgery. Our surgeons make sure that incisions are made within the natural lines and creases of the body so that scarring is normally unnoticeable. Sometimes when the ear is resized or reshaped it is possible that a thin white scar may be visible where the cartilage has been reshaped.  Your surgeon will be able to discuss in more detail what scars are likely to appear depending on the technique they plan to use.

What is the recovery period like?

A standard otoplasty recovery timeline;
First 24 hours– You will be required to wear a mild compressive garment around your head.  If you do manage to catch a glimpse, your ears may appear or feel larger but this is due to the swelling.
24 to 72 hours– Although the initial compression bandages may be removed, you will still be required to wear a light head band around your ears for the next 1-2 weeks. The majority of your swelling will begin to reduce. You will be able to shower/bathe from the neck down without any restrictions however you should avoid washing your hair until at least 2 days after the procedure.
72 hours to First Week– Some patients feel happy to return to work at this point but this will depend on the swelling and what your job involves.
First Week to Second Week– At this point the swelling should have subsided and most patients feel comfortable to be in social situations and have returned to work and their normal activities. You will also be able to shower as normal at the end of the first week. After two weeks you won’t need to wear the headband at all times, just at night for another couple of weeks.
Three Months– Your swelling should be completely gone at this stage.

Otoplasty Ear Correction Before and After Photos;

ear correction surgery before after photoear correction otoplasty before after photoear reshaping pinnaplasty before after

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