Month: March 2013

Otoplasty: ‘Ear reshaping’ surgery now available at The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic has been expanding into plastic surgery since the latter part of 2012. We provide many of the most talked about surgical procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty as well as a less well-known procedure called

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The Cosmetic Industry: How to Dodge the Bad Guys and Find a Good UK Cosmetic Clinic

There is a wealth of terminology and jargon out there on websites and in adverts that can easily confuse. Budding medical students study hard for a reason. With profits on the line and regulation thin on the ground, as a

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A natural boob job? Surgical implants vs. fat transfer breast enlargement – the debate explained

Increasing numbers of women have been looking to fat transfer instead of surgical implants for that added lift. The desire for natural-looking (and feeling), smoother results has been cited to explain why some women are opting for this minimally-invasive procedure.

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To Sit or Not to Sit: The Lowdown on Varicose Veins

We’re frequently faced with studies showing how our sedentary lifestyles are shortening our lives. An Australian study published in 2012 found that prolonged sitting is a risk factor for all-causes of mortality, independent of physical activity and it is not

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The Organic Lift (fat transfer to the face) vs. surgical facelifts

Self-improvement comes in many forms and it can be easy to get lost in the options. A yoga course or perhaps a new hobby can reap huge benefits for the mind and body but sometimes we need a little bit

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The ‘Power Brow’: Eyebrow Hair Transplants Are Booming

The over-plucked look seems to be waning as women turn to ‘power brows’ to replace the tweezers and threading that dominated the 90s onwards. Stylish women like Kate Middleton have helped boost the appeal and look of a noticeable brow,

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Bald Truths – Can They Go Too Far? We explore Hair Loss in Men and the Solutions

People’s concerns over Hair Loss and Baldness are all over online discussion forums, as well as in and on top of many of our heads. The Times recently featured an article that plumbed the depths of the internet for the

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Our Roadmap to Stopping Snoring

Snoring treatments have more than just the ‘power’ to resolve it; they also seem to have the ‘power’ to confuse. Grand claims can often be just that as everyone clamours to be heard. Understanding your snoring and how it could

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Fat Transfer: The Latest Weapon in the fight against Ageing

A recent news story, featured in The Sunday Times last week, looked at a facial volume enhancing technique, currently being trialled in Belgium that uses stem cells in fat (adipose) tissue to selectively restore lost volume to the face, as

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And The Award Goes To… Celebrity Hair Transplants & Your Questions Answered

Hair Transplants frequently crop up in the news, especially when a celebrity’s hair loss or surprising hair growth is called into question. A bevy of celebrities have sung hair transplant’s praises over the past few years, as they seek to

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