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Bald Truths – Can They Go Too Far? We explore Hair Loss in Men and the Solutions

People’s concerns over Hair Loss and Baldness are all over online discussion forums, as well as in and on top of many of our heads. The Times recently featured an article that plumbed the depths of the internet for the extreme lengths balding men are going to in an attempt to battle hair loss; and the shallows, where a seemingly balanced look at hair loss and surrounding issues takes place on a weekly basis with a radio show called, The Bald Truth. It was an interesting read and got us thinking here, at The Private Clinic, about the truths behind balding and how far you should go with treating baldness.

Is the bald truth bald enough?

Bruce Willis looking at photoshopped pictures of David Cameron and Simon Cowell
Bruce Willis looking at Photoshopped pictures of David Cameron and Simon Cowell

Over half of men in their 50s have experienced moderate or extensive hair loss. Many are fine with it but for those who aren’t, finding the right people to help can be challenging. Internet forums can be a scary place where insecurities can feed off of one another. Hair loss is no different. You can feel perfectly fine about something and it can take just one comment for it to affect you (Tulisa notes the ‘fag ash breath’ comment on X Factor has left her paranoid about that effect of her smoking). For our wellbeing, we should always try not to let a cosmetic issue dominate our lives but for those with the means, treatments offer a sure-fire way to tackle the issue head on and afford you the peace of mind and confidence boost that can really help you. But what is out there and is it really safe?

The Times article author conducted his own mini-experiment where he set up an online dating profile where he had digitally added hair to his profile picture and received 35% more views over 4 days compared to a profile picture of his bald head he added over another 4 days to a different account. Observations like this help to understand first impressions a bit more clearly. Even though first impressions are just that (hair does not define a man and women know that) first impressions still count for a lot. So what can you do and what can’t you do?

What Works, What Doesn’t & What You Shouldn’t Even Try

There are two medications available to safely treat hair loss (well cease hair loss): Finasteride (or Propecia) and Minoxidil . Nothing yet can reverse hair loss quite like a hair transplant, which still takes from a finite source – your own hair follicles. It is crucial to be realistic with hair loss. Some loss is inevitable for most men and how exactly you will lose hair is difficult to establish. However start treatment promptly and you can tackle its progression successfully.

It takes a long time for a new treatment (product or procedure) to make it from inception to a clinic’s list of treatments – mostly for good reasons. The short-term and long-term effects need to be observed and studied rigorously to ensure it is as safe as possible and that the results are as desired. You can read about a wonder drug that hasn’t been approved in the UK yet and think this could be a good idea to try. Stop for a minute and consider the implications. If you are considering a Hair Transplant, here are a few questions you should ask your surgeon during your initial consultation.

‘Hair loss demons’

Unfortunately hair loss can have quite a big psychological impact on men. Comments and archetypes of beauty don’t leave much room for bald confidence and pride. As The Times article points out, it can take quite a lot of getting used to before a man can feel comfortable with his hair loss and many are never quite comfortable, with their anger and frustration manifesting in unpleasant ways. Hair loss is also driving men to try out more and more extreme lotions and pills in the search for a head of hair.

For instance there is an anti-androgen drug mentioned in The Times article that one user warns people against, saying it may have permanently damaged his testicles and given him ‘breast budding’. There is also a drug out there that isn’t licensed anywhere yet but this doesn’t stop people who believe it can block an enzyme that is considered to inhibit hair growth from buying it online in powder form. Dodging regulators and Big Pharma might feel good but when it comes to drugs you are ingesting it is not a sensible idea. It could be impure and dangerous to name just one risk.

Treat your hair loss with caution and your body with respect. It’s not worth damaging the rest of your body for a potential head of hair. Instead, if you are concerned look to treatments that stem hair loss effectively as well as hair transplants treatments, which can finally give you the results you might have envisioned. Look at the evidence of who is providing treatments (testimonials, balanced reviews, social media, clinic’s location and the medical team’s experience) as well as the treatment itself. You wouldn’t jump into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim so don’t let this be any different.

The Depths of the Internet

The internet is amazing overall. It is helping to open up the world like never before. At our clinic, we promote self-confidence and natural beauty where possible. Our treatments are designed to enhance your body, not radically alter it beyond recognition. We offer advice to people who want to explore ways to treat hair loss as well as have actual treatments. We provide honest, realistic advice that won’t suit everyone and we do not treat everyone as there are suitability criteria for each procedure. For instance, you can be too young for a hair transplant if you are in your early 20s (please see our blog post: too young to have a hair transplant). Hair loss needs to stabilise before a transplant can effectively happen.

For more information about hair loss and hair transplants on offer at The Private Clinic please see our website for more details: https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/hair-transplant-men/

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