Month: February 2013

The Pursuit of Perfect Pins: What Are the Perfect Legs and How to Get Them?

Ever wondered what constitutes the perfect pair of pins? Well you wouldn’t be alone… Dr Fahd Benslimane, a plastic surgeon in Morocco, has spent 12 years researching that very topic. After analysing the legs of models, athletes, Greek statues and

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The Confusing World of Liposuction and Body Contouring

Internet discussion boards on liposuction can be a treasure trove of information or a vat of misinformation. One thing most of us can agree on is that it’s hard to know who to trust online. Here at The Private Clinic,

Botox: how young is too young?

Over the last few years, there has been a steep rise in the number of 20-somethings turning to Botox as a means of attaining eternal youth. Last year, it was reported that there had been a 56% year on year

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The Case of the Daddy Makeover

As the body ages it slows down. What may have worked aged 20 will probably take a considerable amount of multiplication to achieve similar results years on. Much has been said about the Mummy Makeover and its restorative qualities and

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The Battle of the Yummy Mummies

Whilst women were once happy to spend the months following the birth of their babies easing themselves into motherhood, there is now increasing pressure amongst new mothers to snap back into shape as soon as their bump becomes a baby.

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The Male Menopause or Manopause – the mid-life confusion debunked

The male menopause, also known as the manopause, has been recently grabbing attention in the press. Although incomparable to the physiological effects menopause has on women, there is some truth to the term that deserves consideration. Life throws up a

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Is your workout ageing you?

As we get older, many of us find that we have to work that little bit harder to achieve the body that we desire. However, whilst years of running, weight training, cycling and careful dieting may enable us to possess

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What could excessive sweating be doing to your body?

Excessive sweating: How it affects your body

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Six ways to make your Facelift last longer

Looking at photos of Ozzy Osbourne that have surfaced in the press this week, it’s hard to believe that he’s already had a career in music spanning over 40 years. His youthful appearance defies his 64 years, leading many to

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Botox for depression

The late American actress Phyllis Diller once said ‘A smile is a curve that sets everything straight’. Whilst it’s unlikely that Miss Diller was aware of any medical evidence to support such a claim, research just published suggests that she

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