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Is your workout ageing you?

As we get older, many of us find that we have to work that little bit harder to achieve the body that we desire. However, whilst years of running, weight training, cycling and careful dieting may enable us to possess the body of a twenty-something long past after 40th birthdays, do our faces pay the price…?

An intense exercise regime may be integral to keeping your curves in check, but exercise – like anything done to excess, has the potential to age you…

Is running a fast track to wrinkles?

Leading US cosmetic surgeon Stephen Mulholland recently revealed that 25% of his clients were runners seeking to combat their ‘runner’s face’, believing that years of pavement pounding were the ‘route’ cause of their wrinkles. Whilst there is little scientific evidence to support this theory, it is a notion supported by New York cosmetic surgeon Gerald Imber, who cited running as the biggest cause of premature wrinkles after drinking and smoking.

However, a recent German study found that it is actually the free radical damage from an increased intake of oxygen that contributes to ageing, rather than the impact from the actual activity. After prolonged exercise, such as a 25-mile run, the body changes its metabolism with a resulting increase in free radicals – atoms that can cause damage to your cells and speed up the ageing process. However the study found that it takes very strenuous exercise to increase cell damage, so jogging a few times a week isn’t going to create a noticeable impact on the tautness of your skin.

The area of the body most susceptible to sagging as a result of running is the breasts, as it causes the ligaments here to stretch. Whilst sports bras can reduce the impact that such activities can have on the breasts, some women opt to undergo a breast lift to achieve a more youthful breast contour.

Don’t run the risk…

People who exercise outdoors are likely to be more susceptible to ageing than those who favour the gym, as many will fail to protect their skin against sun damage. This can cause an array of skin problems, from age spots to premature wrinkling. If you’ve failed to protect your skin during outdoor workouts in the past, it’s never too late to implement changes. However, if you’ve been left with wrinkles as a result of damage caused in your younger years, we have a range of excellent treatments specifically designed to target premature ageing. Chemical peels and Botox can help reverse signs of ageing, enabling you to look as youthful on the inside as you feel on the outside.

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