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How to treat hyperpigmentation

If you’re experiencing hyperpigmentation, but are unsure what it is exactly, how it got there in the first place and how to get rid of it, this blog is for you. Some of the most common forms of hyperpigmentation include …

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Treatments for Pigmentation

These days flawless skin is heavily sought after and people want to look as healthy and clear as possible without any make-up as skin health takes the spotlight. Having patches or spots of discoloration can really throw off your look. …

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A to Z of Skin Condition Treatments at The Private Clinic

Common skin treatments available at cosmetic clinics across the UK. First step should always be your GP so they can track and monitor your health. See below for a guide to common skin condition treatments: Acne Lots of treatments available, …

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Treatment Guide FAQ: Melasma

Melasma, also known as ‘chloasma’, is a skin condition where dark brown to light pigmentation develops, usually on the face. It is a common medical and cosmetic issue for many people. Treatments include Laser Skin Cosmetic Treatments and skin peels. …

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What Laser Treatments Are Available?

There are lots of laser skin treatments out there, including treatments that aren’t even technically laser treatments but can be accidentally referred to as laser treatments. If you’re confused, here is a list of Laser Skin Cosmetic Treatments that The Private …

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Get fresh faced ahead of the party season!

Do you think it’s just wrinkles that make you look older? Think again. A  study has shown that blotchy, uneven and dull skin can add up to twenty years to your apparent age, even if your face isn’t lined or …

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