Black Friday 2017

Black Friday this year occurs on Friday 24th November and here at The Private Clinic we are excited to launch our exclusive offers! This year we have a special offer on selected skin treatment courses. This is a great way to treat someone special to fantastic skin or why not treat yourself to a hair-free… Continue reading Black Friday 2017

What is a 'Mommy Makeover'?

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences a woman will go through, but the effect it can have on our bodies is sometimes difficult to reverse. When your world becomes all about one (or more) tiny person, your figure can be the thing that takes the toll with breastfeeding and pregnancy leaving the chest sagging without… Continue reading What is a 'Mommy Makeover'?

Your Private Clinic: Special Offers at Leeds and Manchester

We have 8 clinics across the UK, but we understand that the only one that matters to you is your nearest. With this in mind we’ve put together some special packages at our Leeds and Manchester clinics on some of our most popular skin treatments. Keep your eyes peeled for offers at your local clinic soon.  Combined Acne Approach  Acne affects a… Continue reading Your Private Clinic: Special Offers at Leeds and Manchester

Treatment Guide: Facial Wrinkles and Lines

There are plenty of facial rejuvenation treatments out there but which ones are the best for lines and wrinkles? Many facial skin treatments can improve the appearance of the face, reducing lines and wrinkles even if they are not primarily designed to target them so please get to know all our treatments to see if… Continue reading Treatment Guide: Facial Wrinkles and Lines

Treatment Guide FAQ: Melasma

Melasma, also known as ‘chloasma’, is a skin condition where dark brown to light pigmentation develops, usually on the face. It is a common medical and cosmetic issue for many people. Treatments include Laser Skin Cosmetic Treatments and skin peels. What is Melasma? Melasma is a common skin condition where skin appears darker, lighter or… Continue reading Treatment Guide FAQ: Melasma

From Pearl to Pixel, Here’s Our Laser Skin Treatment FAQ

There are a number of Laser Skin Cosmetic Treatments out there, which target various problems with the body – including Pixel laser, Pearl Fusion and two other Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments. It can all get very confusing when you see what’s out there so we decided to talk about the laser skin treatments available at The Private Clinic in… Continue reading From Pearl to Pixel, Here’s Our Laser Skin Treatment FAQ