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Do you think it’s just wrinkles that make you look older? Think again. A  study has shown that blotchy, uneven and dull skin can add up to twenty years to your apparent age, even if your face isn’t lined or sagging.

Researchers from the University of Vienna used a computer programme to create a virtual model with different skin tones taken from real women aged 10 to 70.

The scientists then removed any wrinkles and drooping jowls, and asked 400 volunteers to rate the faces by age. Those with the most even colour were considered the youngest and most attractive.

But for many of us age spots caused by sun damage, scars left by old pimples or cuts, and melasma, brown patches caused by hormonal changes, mean we look older than our years. So to restore the clear, luminous skin of our youth, The Private Clinic offer Pearl laser. It is a unique lasers that uses a light wavelength to safely remove a layer of old, damaged skin, revealing, perfect, even-toned skin with a pearly sheen.

The sessions last 90-minutes with downtime of just three to four days. This compares with at least two weeks of crusting and peeling and months of redness from previous Erbium laser resurfacing treatments.

Dr Puneet Gupta, our cosmetic doctor says, “New effective lasers reduce the signs of ageing and slow it down for years to come. They reduce lines and wrinkles with impressive results even after one treatment. Pearl provides the optimal balance between cosmetic benefit and patient downtime.”

A testimonial from a lady who had the treatment “A week later and my skin still continues to improve. There is only the tiniest bit of flakiness in my hairline, but nobody notices it. I’m really delighted with the result. The texture is improved. My pores are smaller, little bumps around my eyes have vanished, and the patches of pigment and the old high colour in my cheeks have vanished.

I’ve got a lovely healthy glow, a sort of pearly sheen, which is exactly what I hoped for. I honestly don’t think I need to wear foundation at all now. My crows feet have softened and a friend says, “I can’t believe how different your eyes look.”

I definitely think I look younger. I’m particularly glad to have achieved this without surgery.”

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