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What Areas Of My Body Can Vaser Liposuction Target?

Vaser Liposuction can target a wide range of body areas from the chin to the ankle. If you are struggling to shift stubborn areas of fat then it may just be the right procedure for you. At The Private Clinic

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Top frequently asked questions about breast lifts.

The loss of breast volume and increased sagginess can result following pregnancy, weight loss or can also be due to age. The condition of loss of volume and increased sagginess on the breasts is known as breast ptosis and can

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Earlobe surgery near me

Earlobe surgery is a quick and effective surgical procedure to repair and correct ears that have been stretched or split through piercings or trauma. If you feel that your stretched or split earlobes are affecting your appearance, social life or

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Vaser Liposuction in Manchester

Losing weight can take a large amount of time dedicated to exercise and dieting but when the results from this are a little less than satisfactory it can really affect your determination to continue. Stubborn areas of fat can be

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Breast Enhancement or Breast Lift Near Me

Breast augmentation is a desired procedure now increasing in popularity due to the technical advancements available which reduce the downtime and offer great lasting results. Breast augmentations and breast uplifts are procedures available for women who want to improve the

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What happens in nipple and areola correction surgery?

Areola and/or Nipple Correction surgery is a popular choice for many men or women who have unhappy with the shape or size of their areola or nipple. Here at The Private Clinic we offer areola reduction, nipple reduction or inverted

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How can you treat thread or spider veins

What are thread or spider veins? Thread veins also known as spider veins are a smaller a type of varicose veins, usually appearing on ankles, thighs and sometimes on the face (nose, cheeks or chin). Thread veins can become an

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Step by step guide to a hair transplant procedure at harley street

With up to 50% of men experiencing some degree of hair loss hair transplant procedures are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of people know the before and after results of a hair transplant but  many patients come us wanting to

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How to look natural with dermal fillers

The beauty mogul Kylie Jenner has had lip filler injections again, a few months after news hit that she had her lip fillers dissolved and removed. Her nurse injector labelled Kylie’s new beautiful lip filler look as having a ‘’natural”

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6 Non Surgical Facial Treatments for Wrinkles

There are a lot of treatments out there that claim to reveal younger and wrinkle-free skin. It can be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding which treatment is going to give you the best results for your skin.

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