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Vaser Liposuction can target a wide range of body areas from the chin to the ankle. If you are struggling to shift stubborn areas of fat then it may just be the right procedure for you. At The Private Clinic we perform over 1,300 liposuction and body contouring procedures a year. Whether it’s a more athletic, masculine figure you seek or an aid to creating more subtle feminine definition vaser liposuction is able to achieve amazing results and patient satisfaction.


The abdomen or tummy is one of the most common areas of the body to be treated with vaser liposuction for both women and men. Previous pregnancy can cause the abdominal muscles to stretch causing a bulge to form on the lower abdomen that no amount of dieting or exercise can reduce. A c-section scar can also cause a bulge of subcutaneous fat to sit above the incision which vaser liposuction can quickly help to repair.  We do advise all patients to be at their ideal body weight as vaser liposuction is not a quick fix for weight loss as deep abdominal fat is not possible to remove with vaser and only superficial abdominal fat can be targeted.
vaser liposuction stomach tummy abdomen before after results photos

Neck and Chin

Vaser Liposuction is a safe and effective technique for removing fat from the chin, jowls and neck. The procedure can be performed under general anaesthetic reducing the risks associated with face and neck lift surgery which is usually performed under general anaesthetic. A localized collection of excess fat sitting beneath the chin can cause you to look older and less athletic. Targeting this area of fat can be very challenging as the fat deposits in this area are often resistant to exercise and diet and vaser liposuction to treat this area is becoming increasingly popular however it does come with downtime and the need to wear compression garments which many patients wish to avoid. In most cases, we would recommend CoolSculpting for fat reduction of the chin and neck.
CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to only target fat cells in the areas being treated. The results are gradual but involve no downtime, no compression garment and no bruising or swelling. You will be able to return to your everyday activities including exercise immediately after treatment. Noticeable results within 8-12 weeks and once the fat is treated, the fat cells are permanently destroyed. CoolSculpting is available at our clinics in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Northampton, London Marylebone and Stoke Poges in Buckinghamshire. To find out more book a free coolsculpting consultation at a clinic near you.


Vaser lipsuction for the arms often provides some of the best patient satisfaction rates. Trying to reduce the volume of fat within the arms is difficult to target with exercise and many women in particular do not want their arms to be appear too muscular or masculine by doing weight exercises. Vaser liposuction can easily target the arm area to create a thinner and slimmer looking arm to make patients feel comfortable and less self-conscious when wearing short sleeve tops.  For men who are wishing to create a more athletic muscular shape to their arms then vaser hi-def is a great option and our vaser liposuction specialist will be able to achieve the best results.
Vaser Liposuction arms before and after photos

Male Chest Reduction

Vaser liposuction for male chest reduction is a very popular procedure for men suffering with gynaecomastia. The goal of treatment is to remove as much fat as possible from the male chest to create a more defined and masculine looking chest. However if you do have a larger proportion of glandular tissue in your chest compared to fatty tissue then you may require a surgical removal to ensure you receive the best results.
male chest reduction before after photos


The back is a key area for vaser liposuction and it can produce some of the most dramatic improvements. The back is divided into 5 key areas;

  • Buffalo Hump – This relates to fat located on the upper back near to the neck.
  • Posterior axillary fat – This is an area of fat located on the outer portion of the back but up near to the armpit. This area is often targeted at the same time as the arms to provide the best results
  • Infra-scapular – This is an area of fat often most requested by females who have noticed a bulge when wearing a bra. It is situated above the waist but below the shoulder blades.
  • Posterior waist fat – Fat in this area is located on the back just above the hips.
  • Lumbo-Sacral fat – This is a fat pad located on the lower back just above the tailbone.

Your surgeon will be able to pick which areas treated will provide you the best results as you may only need 1 or 2 areas to achieve the results that you desire.


The flanks are the area where fat deposits sit which are often referred to as ‘love handles’. An accumulation of fat sitting on the male flanks can be unflattering for the patient often accentuated when wearing tighter forms of clothing causing many to feel self-conscious.  Vaser liposuction in this area can help with improving the overall proportion of the body and works the best on patients who are already at their ideal weight and just looking to reduce stubborn fat areas.
vaser lipo female back sides love handles before after photos


Both the inner and outer thighs can be targeted with vaser liposuction and it is very effective at providing an all-round contour to the area. Stubborn fat in this area can cause patients to have ‘two body syndrome’ where they find themselves purchasing clothes in a larger size for their lower body in comparison to their upper body. At The Private Clinic we offer the Vaser 360 technique which targets the thighs, knees and buttock crease using Vaser Liposuction to achieve the best overall result.
vaser liposuction female thighs before and after photos

Knees and Ankles

Fat accumulation in the lower leg is often down to genetics making it a very difficult area to loose fat from naturally and many patients visit us with the complaint of ‘cankles’ which is where there is a disproportionate amount of fat sitting in the lower leg providing no definition between the knee and ankle.  Ankle or knee area liposuction is usually performed at the same time to ensure that the proportions of the lower leg are maintained and in some cases may include the thighs too. Vaser liposuction for the knees and ankles is ideal for improving the appearance of slim lower legs for females and more muscularly defined calves for men.

Buttocks Crease

Vaser Liposuction for the buttocks crease and hips is ideal for re-shaping and contouring the area. Large or misshapen buttocks can cause patients to feel embarrassment especially when it comes to buying clothes that fit correctly. The aim of vaser lipo is to achieve smooth results with a satisfactory reduction in size and bulk.
The small incisions required also leave virtually no visible scars. Vaser liposuction for the buttocks crease is often combined with lower back and/or thigh vaser liposuction to produce the best results.
We do not treat the buttocks cheeks due to an increased risk of skin sagging and asymmetries. Instead of treating the buttock cheeks we feel that vast majority of patients can benefit and get the results that they want from vaser liposuction of the buttocks crease, outer thigh and/or the hip-flank area.
liposuction outer thigh before and after photos

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