Month: May 2013

Botox in your 20s – is it a good or bad idea to have Botox before 30?

More and more people in their 20 are turning to Botox, as recent headlines attest. As a response, we’re getting a lot of questions about whether it is good or bad to have Botox before turning 30. With the number

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Prince Harry’s Hair Loss – Is It Time for a Hair Transplant for Prince William and His Brother?

Prince Harry used to joke about Prince William’s hair loss but now the joke is set to come back at him as he is spotted out with a spot of hair loss, it seems. Do you think Harry is likely

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Is Botox Good or Bad? We Answer Your Questions about the Cosmetic & Medical Uses of Botox

Botox has lots of medical uses as well as its most famous cosmetic use to treat lines and wrinkles. When administered correctly Botox treatments offer a great and sustainable way to ensure you manage and avoid those bothersome deep lines

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The Top 10 Things You Should Know about Hair Transplants

Your Confidence. Your Social Life. Your Hair. BRING IT BACK! Hair Transplants can be a great way to boost confidence, helping you look and feel better for your age. Hair Transplants can also be done badly – something we wanted

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Male Pattern Baldness in Focus: How DHT Affects Hair Loss

Hair loss affects men and women in different ways and can have a dramatic impact on our lives. Hair loss will affect most men at some point in their lives and it affects many women too to some degree. DHT,

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The Cosmetic Surgery Boom And The Private Clinic

Britons are spending £2.3 billion a year on cosmetic procedures, which includes invasive and non-invasive treatments and procedures. The figure is expected to rise to £3.6 billion in two years and around 43,000 people are having cosmetic surgery each year

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Cosmetic Surgery: 10 Ways on How to Find Good Clinics

In the wake of Sir Bruce Keogh’s Cosmetic Industry review and the recent PIP Breast Implant scandal, we decided to put together a blog post all about how people looking into treatments and procedures can do so safely. Have a

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