Dr Simon Connolly

GMC: 3068292

Dr Connolly is the longest established cosmetic doctor in Scotland – known by many as Scotland’s Lip King.

“A single technique is easy to teach but competency and excellence require time, training and a lot of experience” * Dr Simon Connolly

He is a founding member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) – formerly known as British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) – responsible for Auditing and Appraisals and is the Scottish spokesman for the BCAM. Dr Connolly holds a Cardiff diploma in Dermatology and his research on Onabotulinumtoxin A as a treatment for crow’s feet lines has been published.

Dr Connolly has over 15 years experience in Cosmetic Dermatology. He was one of the pioneers of Botox® treatments in Scotland and is now recognized as one of the most experienced cosmetic physicians in the country. As part of his commitment to the industry, he is heavily involved in research, training and clinical trials as well as helping to examine and train doctors. Dr Connolly is an expert in combination volumising treatments, such as the Fluid Face Lift.

Dr Connolly also specialises in PRP therapy for hair restoration. With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) is injected into the scalp. The growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated this slows down or even the stops hair loss and stimulates renewed hair growth. PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women.

Dr Connolly is a Clinical Advisor and Clinical Trainer for Allergan, the maker of Botox. He is regularly involved in trials for new lip enhancing products. He is also Clinical Advisor for Merz Pharmaceuticals and Intercytex UK.

In addition to treating patients, he is involved in training and examining fellow doctors.

Dr Connolly offers treatments in Glasgow as well as Edinburgh.

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Before/after photos performed by Dr Simon Connolly

  • Richard Hale lost 5st 10lbs in 12 weeks*

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