Dr Dennis Wolf


  • BSc Honours – South Africa, 1991
  • MBBCh – South Africa, 1994
  • MRCS – Edinburgh, 2005
  • DO-HNS – 2005
  • Postgraduate in Business Administration

GMC Number: 4773959

Dennis Wolf
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About Dr Dennis Wolf

Dr Dennis Wolf is highly experienced in VASER Liposuction procedures and is one of the few doctors in the UK perfecting the revolutionary VASER Hi-Def Liposculpture.

Dr Wolf has spent years pioneering his VASER 360 procedure, targeting circumferential areas of legs. Dr Wolf has carried out over 4,000 liposuction procedures to date.

Dr Wolf believes that all his patients deserve a personalised and premium service with consultations and treatments tailored to their own personal requirements from liposuction surgery.

Dr Dennis Wolf consults in London Harley Street.

Before/after photos performed by Dr Dennis Wolf

Treatments performed by Dr Dennis Wolf

vaser lipo london non surgical liposuction uk harley street mobile 4

VASER Liposuction

Experts in lipo for thighs, knees, hips, buttocks, male chest, tummy, chin, arms.

male chest reduction

Male Chest Reduction

Sculpt and define muscles for an athletic result.

vaser hi def lipo VASER high definition UK mobile 2

VASER Hi-Def Liposuction

Sculpt and define muscles for an athletic result.



liposuction treatment to lipoedema patients which can help to reduce the build-up of fatty tissue in the affected area whilst improving symptoms.

fat transfer face facial fat grafting transfering fat from body to face uk london 1

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is a natural solution to restore subtle volume and shape.

Hand Fat Transfer

Hands are also difficult to treat and with the complex structure and number of bones, tendons and muscles in hands, treatment requires specialist experience.

Research led by Dr Dennis Wolf, Professional Recognition and Press


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