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The secret cosmetic procedures for men

There is often a common misconception that cosmetic procedures are only for women but there are actually a wide range of treatments that are very common for the male population to undergo. All it takes is a little bit of

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Why Planning Hairline is of key importance for best Hair Transplant Results

For many patients who are considering a hair transplant the end goal is usually to achieve a full head of hair again – often reminiscent of their youthful self, but is this always the best outcome? When it comes to

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Young Men and Hair Transplants

It is clear to see that these days’ men are feeling a lot more comfortable with the idea of hair transplants and we are seeing a lot more famous men embracing the procedure every day. The most common source of

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Considering a hair transplant abroad?

If you are considering having a hair transplant you may be considering the options of having the procedure abroad vs in the UK. Many patients have openly admitted that they have looked into having a hair transplant procedure abroad as

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Could hair loss be affecting your career?

Impressions count when it comes to your career and we are not just talking about your ability to meet targets or your performance. How you look can play a big part in firstly securing the role, but also your potential

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Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for a Red Carpet Entrance

Known as being one of the most glamorous events in the showbiz calendar, the Oscars held its 89th academy awards this weekend and the stars certainly put on a show! From the outfits to the hair and make-up, we just

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The modern technique of hair restoration

When you think of a hair transplant, you may have images of large strips of the scalp being removed before being dissected into individual grafts and placed into the area of baldness. This is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

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New Year, Same You

It’s January and you are probably surrounded by messages of ‘New Year New You’ with people making their resolutions and letting everyone know of their goals for the year, but what about you? Common resolutions include the usual; be healthier,

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Top tips for a seamless FUE Hair Transplant Recovery

If you are reading this, you may have just got home after a FUE hair transplant procedure or you are potentially booked in to have one soon and want to be prepared. Recovery after a hair transplant procedure should not

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7 Questions answered about FUE Hair Transplants

Hair transplants can be an unknown area for many of us and although there is a lot of information out there, it may seem a bit confusing. We have answered 7 frequently asked questions about FUE hair transplants that will

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