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What are Sagging Jowls?

What are jowls? When we say jowls, we are referring to the skin along the lower jaw; if the skin is sagging below the jawline then you have what is known as sagging jowls. Who gets them? Anyone can develop

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Do I need a Mini Facelift or a Full Face Lift procedure

A facelift has the power to produce one of the most dramatic transformations of all cosmetic procedures. It can give you a naturally fresher, younger-looking appearance which can sometimes leave people struggling to work out what in particular has changed.

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Fat Transfer: The Latest Weapon in the fight against Ageing

A recent news story, featured in The Sunday Times last week, looked at a facial volume enhancing technique, currently being trialled in Belgium that uses stem cells in fat (adipose) tissue to selectively restore lost volume to the face, as

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