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Breast Implant Before and After Photos UK

Breast enlargement surgery is a great procedure for patients who wish to increase the size of their breasts, often to make them more in proportion to the rest of her body. When it comes to researching the surgery and surgeons

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Journey of a Breast Augmentation Patient

So what does having a breast augmentation look like exactly? We give you the low down on what you can expect in your journey, going through 10 key stages in your procedure. Preparation Stage: Before your breast augmentation consultation you

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Breast Augmentation 5 top tips for pre and post-surgery

When you book your breast augmentation surgery you will be given pack of information detailing what you need to do both pre and post-surgery. We have put together a quick list of some points and tips that may not necessarily

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10 Post Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQs

Once you have had your breast augmentation it is up to you to ensure you allow your new breasts to heal fully before you return to whatever you know as being normal life. It will mean you have to make

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Breast Augmentation for Athletic Women

We all like to take care of our appearance and visiting the gym and healthy eating has all become part of modern day life, so as our lifestyles change should this change how we approach surgical procedures? When you exercise,

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10 ways to prepare before your breast augmentation

You may have already booked your surgery and are now counting down the hours until the big day, but are you really prepared? We share 10 of our top tips on how to prepare before your breast augmentation surgery. 1.

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation: The aftercare guide

While interest in certain plastic surgery procedures has waned, Breast Enlargement has consistently held sway with women for over a decade. Smaller breast implants may be in fashion now, but big or small, the same measures have to be adhered

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