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Breast Augmentation 5 top tips for pre and post-surgery

When you book your breast augmentation surgery you will be given pack of information detailing what you need to do both pre and post-surgery. We have put together a quick list of some points and tips that may not necessarily be on the official checklist but have been noted as useful to know by a selection of our nurses and past patients.

Pre Breast Implant Surgery

  • Try and build your abdominal strength before your op. This doesn’t mean turning into a fitness buff overnight but you will be using these muscles a lot after surgery and the stronger they are – the less of a shock it will be afterwards. Performing stretches with your upper body combined with strength training with low weights can really help with your posture and strength following surgery.
  • Stay healthy – An obvious one surely but it is so important that come the day of your op you are healthy. Even something as simple as a cold or bladder infection could result in the cancellation of your operation.
  • Practice sleeping on your back. If you are normally a side or front sleeper then sleeping post-surgery is likely to be a struggle. After surgery it is important that you sleep on your back in a upright position supported by pillows (we recommend investing in a V shape pillow!), although it sounds comfy initially, many go on to struggle to get a good night kip as they are just not used to the position. If you start sleeping like this in the upcoming weeks to surgery it will be less of a change as you will already be used to sleeping in this position.
  • Stock up on entertainment. You will need to get plenty of rest following surgery so to avoid feeling bored make sure you have a supply of books, magazines and DVDs so keep you entertained during your recovery period. Although key tip is to be careful of comedies as laughing makes your pectoral muscles to tighten and contract, so depending where your implant is positioned, you could experience some pain!
  • Prep your home. Take some time to walk around your home with your elbows tucked in close to your sides as this is how it will feel post-surgery. See what you are able to reach and open and what you are struggling with and make changes to help you. This is will mean you are able to be more independent post-surgery as it is good to get up and about rather than spending all day every day in bed but at the same time you should not strain yourself.

Post Breast Implant Surgery

  • Be prepared for the ups and downs. Having surgery is a huge deal and although initially it is all excitement and feeling good, you may find yourself riding a roller coaster of ups and downs. This is completely normal during your recovery and is usually down to the anaesthesia, medications and exhaustion.
  • Eat regularly. To avoid additional feelings of sickness it is important that you don’t take your pain medications on an empty stomach. Have something substantial to line your stomach during or after taking the medication will help to avoid any unwanted side effects and complications.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water is not only good for you in general but it will really aid your recovery. Constipation is common after surgery and drinking water will help move things along. You may also experience swelling which water can help reduce but overall it will just make you feel better.
  • Don’t get measured too soon. Don’t make the mistake of going to get measured for a new bra before your breasts have dropped and settled into their positions. We do not recommend wearing anything other than your surgical or a soft sports bra until at least 6 weeks post-op. At this stage you can discuss with your surgeon about moving to an alternative styles of bras.
  • Stick to buttons and zips. The last thing you are going to want to do after your operation is struggling to get tops on and over your head. We thoroughly recommend sticking to button up shirts and zipped hoodies and jackets – this way you can retain some independence when it comes to dressing yourself and avoid any complications from over stretching yourself in the early days.

The Private Clinic

We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive cover in the industry including free consultations with our specialist breast surgeons, 24 hour patient helpline, dedicated post-operative care and appointments, three years of all surgical, hospital and nursing care free of charge, unique peace of mind warranty of £1000 all of which are detailed in our comprehensive Patient Guides.

We are proud to offer the highest quality breast implants, with procedures performed by some of the UK’s top consultant plastic surgeons. Our team includes some of the most recognised Breast Surgeons in the UK, based in London Harley Street, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Northampton – all of whom are on the specialist register for Plastic Surgery and many of which are members of British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

To find out more about breast augmentation surgery or book to book a consultation please call 03339209135 or use our breast augmentation online contact form.

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