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Thread Vein Clinic London

Veins, we all have them and they are vital part of the makeup of our body but why are some more prominent than others? Thread Veins are a common cosmetic issue which often appear on the legs or face. Many

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Pros and Cons of Acne Laser Treatment

Acne is a common issue among teens and adults alike. It can greatly affect confidence and emotional well-being causing patients to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their skin. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing acne and

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Our Botox Advice

Botox can do incredible things. The wondrous anti-ageing treatment both tackles unwanted wrinkles and lines, and prevents new ones from forming, by relaxing our facial muscles. Its rejuvenation powers have led the treatment to become the most popular aesthetic treatment

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6 Important FUE Hair Transplant questions answered

When it comes to researching hair transplant surgery it can generate a lot of questions that you may struggle to find the answer too. A consultation with one of our experienced surgeons or patient advisers is a good way to

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All about Varicose Veins

Struggling with varicose veins? A common condition, varicose veins affects up to 40 percent of adults so you are definitely not alone. While some with the condition are not currently troubled by their varicose veins, for others, the condition presents

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Pigmentation & The Best Treatments

Pigmentation is skin discolouration, taking the form of pink, red, brown or even purple-looking marks, patches, or splotches on the skins surface, most commonly appearing on the neck, face and décolletage. The route cause of pigmentation is a substance called

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Micro Dermabrasion Versus Other Skin Treatments

Looking for a renewed complexion? Microdermabrasion is a great, innovative treatment to refresh and brighten healthy skin. But it’s not the best option for every skin type. We discuss Micro Dermabrasion, who it’s best for, and treatments with similar benefits

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Varicose Vein Removal London Harley Street

Varicose veins most commonly appear on the legs and can be painful and cause swelling in the ankles. Varicose veins are caused by the walls of the vein becoming stretched and losing their elasticity properties. This then results in the

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6 Myths about Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is a procedure that helps to correct the appearance of a lump that sticks out the side of your foot, usually on the edge of your big toe.  Surgery is the only way to fully treat a bunion

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New Boob Jobs

The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly changing and new advances in techniques and surgical options are always appearing. Breast enlargement surgery has come a long way since the first silicone breast implants were used for breast augmentation surgery in

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